Tablo Connect - Remote Streaming Quality

I am using a Fire TV Stick. I have two Tablos, both running 2.2.24.

This morning, on one of my Tablos, I could adjust the Remote Streaming Quality. On the other, I could not.

What is going on? This needs to get fixed.

We’ve pushed out updates that have solved this issue on the Tablo mobile apps (iOS, Android) and the Tablo web app at We hope to push an update to the Fire TV app with this fix soon.

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When is Fire TV going to be updated. Effectively renders Tablo useless for remote viewing for Fire TV. It’s been a long time.

Hey Tablo, it has been over 6 months. When will this get fixed?! I’m a week or so away from demanding a refund on my connect subscription. This is the whole reason I bought a Tablo in the first place and it is utter garbage now.

I am really getting fed up with this too. Tablo Connect is the ONLY reason I bought this product. If this doesn’t get fixed, I want a refund.

Hi folks - So sorry for the delay on this one.

We do have a fix for the dropdown in beta now. Once we confirm the update is behaving as expected we’ll be distributing it to everyone.

Thanks for your patience.

We’ve been hearing the same song and dance for the last 3 or 4 months…

Lol it’s fixed in the beta, sign up for the beta and install it today - confirm or reject your hypothesis.

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Sorry to bring this issue up again, but the fix for Fire TV stick seems to have been in beta since March. Is there some problem with the beta. Would like to have this fixed for upcoming trips.

The update should be available in the next day or so! We thought about releasing it late last week but didn’t want to do it over the 4th of July holiday.

Stay tuned.

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It’s Independence Day, which falls on the 4th of July.
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For everyone who was waiting for the update, it’s propagating now!

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Is there a fix for the remote streaming quality being set to Full Quality in the iso app?

What is the iso app?

Sorry :neutral_face: iOS


On the Fire TV fix, you say it is propagating. Do we have to wait to receive it or how is it installed? Thanks

If you have automatic updates selected on your Fire TV device it should be updated already. (Look for version 1.7.4 at the bottom of the settings page in the app.)

If not, you can delete the app and re-download it to get the latest. (Just make sure you’re on your home network when you do it as deleting the app will remove the pairing credentials.)