Tablo Connect - Remote Streaming Quality

I am using a Fire TV Stick to access my Tablo remotely. In the settings, I can’t change the Remote Streaming Quality. It is stuck on “Full Quality”.

What could cause this?

Another observation. While the setting is stuck on “Full Quality”, the actual picture quality on all channels is really poor. Looks like it is actually configured for 1Mbps or less.

Same here. Not terrible but noticeably worse than at home. I have 60+ Mbps upload speed

We’ve managed to reproduce this bug here, and we’re working on a fix now. For now, the Tablo will default to the ‘Full Quality’ setting, which will mirror your Live TV and Recording quality settings.

Having exact same issue. Is there a fix out yet ?

I’m Having the same issue, please advise.

I am also having this issue using the website in the Chrome browser. The HTML application version is 1.6.2 build 889 [201810121242]. It is set to FQ, however the remote streaming of recordings are being transcoded to a lower bitrate which looks like very poor/low video quality. It of course applies to live TV as well, but you can definitely tell the recordings are being transcoded because the entire recording is not available for FF.

Did you guys find this bug for the web app too?


This would appear to be a (recent) Tablo firmware bug. I’m using both 4K Fire Sticks and the Chrome web browser (same application version as theuser86) with the older firmware 2.2.20 and have no difficulty shifting back and forth among remote streaming quality settings (and actual results).

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Any update on this issue for the web app on a computer? The RSQ is set to Full Quality, however it is streaming recordings at a lower bitrate and also using a tuner to transcode the video when it shouldn’t be.

BUMP - any update on the Remote Streaming Quality setting NOT working on Fire TV Stick? All settings except for “FULL Quality” are greyed out in the FireTV app. Actual RSQ is NOT Full Quality, but 1Mbit or even worse. It appears to be transcoding vs. Full Quality since I received a playback stopped message due to a tuner reallocation while watching a recorded session.

4 tuner Tablo DVR 2.2.24 with Fire TV Stick current version of Tablo App. Also have Preview app, but the Preview does not provide Tablo Connect.

I am also wondering what is going on with this. We’ve been living with this bug for almost 3 months. When is this going to get fixed?

Sorry for the delay folks. The fix for this is currently in beta. We’re hoping to push it live soon.

Any eta? I really want to stop paying for my directv now, but without the ability to watch my locals via tablo at a reasonable resolution remotely, I’m stuck!

Is this beta fix also coming to the website for the Chrome browser? Just tried it on my computer and it is still remotely streaming at a lower quality than full.


Yep! Stay tuned.

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So, does the new 2.2.26 fix this issue?

It was actually an app-based fix in 1.7.1 which is live now.

When did it go live? As of a couple of days ago, my Fire TV Stick App still couldn’t adjust the live TV resolution.

This issue is now fixed in the web browser and Android app, but no release announcement for the Fire TV OG app. See link below.

We’re working on that one! Stay tuned.