Tablo Automatic Commercial Skip Feature Coming to Mobile & Web, Exiting Beta Via New Tablo Premium Service

I would view this feature as having been in Alpha test. In 6 months or more of having this feature turned on, I have seen it work only twice. I thought the feature was abandoned. Paying for something that is proven not to work is not sane.


We’re hoping it’ll be there in the next day or so. Stay tuned.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

I guess if it didn’t work for me, I would have the feature turned on for six months.

LOL - I said to the wife when this first came out - “Hey, this is cool. You know, they are going to let this run for a few months until we’re all hooked on it…and then they’ll add a charge for it…and we’ll all pay it because commercials suck”. :wink:

I dunno - we’ll probably buy it for the first year, but then see what else is available. Right now, other than Commercial Skip, Tablo isn’t really giving me anything that I can’t get from other services…

Will we still have fingernails without sub to CS?

You betcha!


I don’t, but I know how to read a blog. The answer was very obvious.

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“It is per device for everyone. And there will be no lifetime payment,”

Since I was suggesting a potential different business model, people don’t make statements about possible business models or plans unless they work for the company.

I just explained how it is going to work. Whether they change it in the future is up to them, but what users want to know is how it works now.

I am new here and just recently bought a lifetime subscription. I thought the commercial skip was part of the subscription! Now I am asked to pay an additional MONTHLY fee. I feel like this has been a bait and switch. Now I am sure this is covered legally in the TOS I agreed to, but I am nonetheless very unhappy. I had confidence in the company or I wouldn’t have purchased a lifetime sub…now this, ugh.

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Seems to me that Tablo would want to reward their loyal LIFETIME subscribers by providing this feature at no additional cost. Well, at least a more…make that considerably more…reduced cost than the annual subscribers.


This is (likely) a case of “what it costs”. Can’t give “breaks” without it breaking them, you know?

Can you share the names of those 3rd party apps?


This was one of the many alternatives we discussed internally but there was no way to make the math work, especially over the long haul.

SurLaTablo :heart:


Don’t know exactly what SurLaTablo does… Does it do commercial skips?

Most of the 3rd party apps are used to extract the Tablo recording to your own storage. I designed SurLaTablo with Plex in mind, but doesn’t require Plex (it’s just Plex friendly).

So, you use SurLaTablo to query recordings and optionally “do things” on those recordings. The most popular thing would be to extract the recording to a recontainerized mp4 (some say “remux”). But you can also transcode (take a recording to a totally different video and/or audio codec). I added a couple of software algorithms to SurLaTablo to do blank frame detection for “commercial removal”. It forces a transcode at that point (eliminates the commercials). It’s far from perfect though. You’ll find a thread under the 3rd Party Apps section of the forum for it. Lots of examples (big thread, might want to start reading from the newest (bottom).

(I removed the anti-comskip example)

Here’s Angel and the Badman … now this might be “wrong”. Due to copyright flubs, supposedly this movie became public domain. Here’s a Tablo recording with the commercials removed by SurLaTablo (noting if you watch it, you’ll see it didn’t remove everything):

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7 Jan 2020 - I am interested to know if those of you that purchased TABLO product in recent months because in part, you believed Automatic Commercial Skip (ACS) was an included feature. Did you see anything to indicate at the time of your TABLO product purchase that this was or would be an extra cost item?

I do not want to start a heated discussion. I would just like to know if I personally misinterpreted or missed information what I was getting when I purchased a TABLO Quad a few months ago with the Service and Guide subscriptions I am paying for.


Two questions -

1: Will the iOS app update restore the missing Recent Recordings Tab? Please?

2: When you say that Commercial Skip is coming out of beta, does this mean that the product as it currently functions is now considered out of beta, or that after Feb 6, 2020, an improved official version 1.0 of the Commercial Skip service is going to be rolled out?

If there’s even a slightly improved version, waiting in the wings, rolling it out now, before Feb 6, as some primetime shows begin to come back from their holiday hiatus, could encourage more to buy into the paid version?

The commercial skip behavior I was seeing as shows aired their mid-season finales wasn’t what I’d consider pulling the trigger on paying for just yet?

It’d be nice if Lifetime Subscribers could at least set one show to have Commercial Skip on? Continue to evaluate the service as it hopefully continues to improve moving forward?


I don’t mind the cost of 20USD for annual subscriptions, but I would really like to have the option of purchasing a lifetime subscription to Commercial Skip. Like many others, one of the things that drew me to Tablo in particular was the option to purchase a lifetime subscription to the Guide. (Yes, I know I am still using an Annual subscription, but we wanted to try this before we committed to the Lifetime subscription. We fully intend to upgrade to a Lifetime subscription when the current Annual one expires.)

However, the current incarnation of Commercial Skip is NOT ready to leave Beta yet, because it still fails too often. Commercial breaks will start late, end early, end late, or they will be skipped entirely, and this happens too often for me to want to pay for this service. I’m sorry, guys, but even though when this works, it’s BEAUTIFUL, it still fails too often.