Tablo Automatic Commercial Skip Feature Coming to Mobile & Web, Exiting Beta Via New Tablo Premium Service

Is there any software that doesn’t have some issues?

And the cost has to cover more then a cloud server. I’m sure they must be some humans assigned to the feature. And they don’t work for free.

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Wish I’d found the commercial skip function accurate/reliable enough for the shows I watch to pay for it? It really doesn’t feel fully cooked yet? Also, since the majority of the shows I’ve been watching recently during the holidays (rerun season) are on the PBS/Create? Has there been a change since mid-season finales of shows w/ commercials aired?

I’m a bit familiar with the Colo / cloud cost and their reasoning makes perfect sense for me, the cloud is an abstract concept, in reality they have to pay for servers to process this whole thing, along with the bandwith, it surely doesn’t come cheap.
Personally, I’ll probably end up passing on this, the commercial skip feature is a nice feature to have but I end up not using as the shows I’m watching are usually not processed yet, and the stuff I want to keep (movies and full seasons of shows) gets extracted and then MCEbuddy in my Plex server…
I have no issue with how Tablo is handling this though, it was clear from the start when they released that feature that they would someday charge for it, now we’re a month away from them actually beginning to charge, it was nice to have it free for so long.


I’ll be subscribing, I’m very happy with the feature. $30/year isn’t much, I figured they would have charged more.

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Commercial Skip does not always work on “Through the Decades” on the DECADES channel. Don’t forget about the third party apps that also do commercial skip without a reoccurring fee.

And Plex DVR (with Plex Pass)

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I’m familiar with cloud based servers as well, as in its my job. The justification of that cost per unit is not there in my opinion. But to be fare I’m completely looking at it from the outside, and have no clue what deals they have in place or what service they are even using.

Comskip on Plex DVR is destructive and may or may not work. Which is the same for the actual Plex DVR software.

True, but “an alternative”…

How is ATSC 3 going to affect Tablo? Will there be a USB tuner that could plug into the Tablo USB port?I know the existing TV will work for 5 years after ATSC 3 launches.

My wife borrowed my hdhomerun and nvidia shield with Plex for CS processing. But she only wants to process junk recordings and doesn’t care if everything fails.

My best guess (pretty sure). Will require a whole new Tablo.

I went with Tablo for the commercial skip.
The interface is extremely basic/bland, the random reboots due to signal quality, the lack of basic features (folders for one), and the overall feel of a school project make me have to reevaluate it. Commercial Skip was your edge.

Maybe leave early adapters free and new subscribers fee based.

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I came here to say exactly this. +1


It’s definitely not. We’ve been very careful not to increase the base price of the TV Guide Data Subscription when everyone and their dog was upping theirs.

In fact, we didn’t want to have to make this a paid feature at all.

But when we crunched the numbers and saw how much the infrastructure was going to cost us each month to operate/maintain/improve it just wasn’t going to be sustainable.

The alternative would be what some other companies are doing — in-app advertising or selling your viewing or personal data to third parties — which we want to avoid at all costs.

The way we’ve implemented this allows the people who see value in the feature to help support its existence and those who don’t to continue along as is.


I think the price is not bad but at this point not sure I want to pay anything for a service that fails 25% or more of the time. Fails to skip, skips at the wrong place and time ECT. May go for it and hope it improves because when it works correctly the whole family likes it. But when it skips in the wrong place it leaves us pretty annoyed.


Stopping TABLO ComSkip now and switching to free ( with my lifetime license) Plex ComScrap.

Go for it. That leaves more cloud processing power for others.

And since we also have Lifetime Plex Pass DVR and comskip I like the humor.

When will the Add Subscription buttons be available?

Commercial skip using thumb is free. It’s hard to justify paying for something like this, even considering there are server costs. And as others have said, it’s not the most reliable.

I’d rather buy a new hardware version of a Tablo that has commercial skip and thumbnail generation built into the Tablo itself so that we don’t have recurring fees. And it sure would be nice to get thumbnails for recordings in progress while we’re at it.

Let’s also hope the new mobile app on Android will finally get rid of the sometimes painful sync requirement.

Thanks for the update!

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