Tablo Apple TV App (4th Gen) Early Access Program

I don’t have any application with your user name. You can try to sign up again but you’ll need to use a different device to do so.

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I just signed up again. I hope I got it right this time. :slight_smile:

I would like to sign up to be an Apple TV beta tester, I have Apple TV devices on 3 tvs. I am currently an Apple IoS one Apple TV device is running tvOS 19.0, the remaining ones are still on tvOS17

Here’s the thread for you to sign up: Tablo Apple TV App (4th Gen) Early Access Program - #252 by Michael_Allbritton.

I’m also running tvOS 18 on one of my Apple TVs.

Yea I need to figure this out… The Chromecast by Google I have found is better than the Roku for Tablo but would really like to use my Apple TV since that’s what I use as my main go to for all my TV’s

I filled out the survey, looking forward to trying the beta app

I’ve been using Tablo on a Fire Cube for a couple months and love it! Just bought Apple TV and signed up for beta, hoping I get an invitation to check that out. Wish I knew about this a long time ago!

Hi TabloTV team, I signed up for AppleTV bets access & haven’t heard back yet. Can you process through the recent applications please. I am hoping to test during next week as the Olympics kick off.

I don’t see a request with your forum user name. I would try signing up again using a different device.

Thanks. I’ve resubmitted with my forum Username. Please let me know if anything looks wrong. Regards

I just signed up. Just wanted to say I’m excited to test this out and see how it’s going! Thanks in advance.

Excited to get to test this app. Just wanted to make sure I have signed up and requested inclusion properly.

Thanks much for including me in this testing. Not sure if this is the place to post issues but if not please refer me to the correct thread.

When trying to watch an in progress recording, I can only enter live with no ability to rewind to the beginning no matter my selection. This is not true of the LG app as I can enter that live or at the beginning of the show. It should be noted that this behavior is also true of the iPad app. Also, once the recording is complete, everything works fine.

Otherwise, everything else seems fine at this point.

Excited to test this out in my household.

Testing started about 6 months ago. When will this app be availble for general release? I have not bothered buying a 4th gen Tablo because if it does not work on AppleTV devices then it is a no go.

I will continue using my Gen 1 quad tuner Tablo since it works fine on AppleTV.

Just got my 4th gen Tablo and excited to test this out on my Apple TV!

I don’t think anyone from Tablo will answer that question.

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My legacy Tablo Lite finally kicked the bucket, so I grabbed a V4 yesterday. Based on years of use, I never would’ve imagined the new model wouldn’t work with my Apple TV. I signed up for the Beta with this username, please add me!

Hi, I completed the survey for early access to the Beta. Are there any other steps needed?