Tablo Apple TV App (4th Gen) Early Access Program

We don’t seem to have a sign-up request from you. You may want to give it another try.

If I purchase a device, will I be able to get into the beta? I’m very interested in the product, but it’s a brick to me unless I can use it on my Apple TV. Apple TV is all we use, and I’m not going to do AirPlay from another device because it’s too complicated for other family members.

You will need the serial number from your Tablo device to sign up successfully.

I signed up as well for the beta program and heard nothing. Now I can’t even fill out the form, it says I already did.

Trying to get in. Sadly the device we used our old tablo on was Apple tv. Our LG tv doesn’t have the processing power to keep up with the app.

Looking forward to joining the Beta for the AppleTV.

Same for my Samsung TV. The app is very slow, and the TV just doesn’t have sufficient horsepower. I really want the Apple TV app, so I signed up for the beta.

I just purchased my tablo 4th Gen. Tried it on my android devices and works great on wifi!

Just signed up for the apple tv beta and looking forward to testing it!

I’ve been using AppleTV boxes for almost 8 years and feel like I know the ends and outs of them. I’d like to be able put this app through the paces and see how it does.

I have 4 AppleTv’s, and use them exclusively on all my tv’s. I learned about Tablo from the antenna man YouTube channel and have been pleased with it so far. Just got my 4th gen connected yesterday and hope to test apple tv app.

Hello - I signed up for the Apple Beta and am looking forward to trying it. The #1 reason for me is that my new LG TV will not allow me to sign in to LG’s system and download the Tablo app on their TV. (I searched and found that this is a common LG problem) I am able to use Roku successfully and am enjoying our 1st days with 4th gen Tablo. We use Apple TV (2021) primarily in our home theater.

How long does it take to join the Beta program after the survey entry?


Like you, I have multiple AppleTVs that I use exclusively for all of my streaming. I have looked into Tablo over the past year a few times, but I never pulled the trigger until I saw the Antenna Man’s review. He eased any concerns I had. Looking forward to being a Beta tester; meanwhile I am using the Samsung app on my smart TVs for the signal.

Just remember that he used this product on a Roku – one of the better tested (and public) releases. You will be using a beta product that will have a few issues here or there and it will understandably have some quirks.

Not knocking the tvOS version, just reminding others to not expect perfection.

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One would think that after 19 weeks of “normal:” person beta testing this app would have been cooked to perfection weeks ago. Hasn’t this app been in development for 8+ months.

I agree. I also have four Apple TV’s and have been waiting since late last year for this release. Some beta tester let it slip that the S/w would expire on June 24th. That comment was quickly removed but if it had some basis of fact than ideally it might be released to the public this week. This has been in beta an awfully long time and seems to be the last app to be released. I am tired of waiting. Not that I have any choice…

If only you could… get a Roku, Firestick, Android box, or better yet… sign up for the beta test and see what’s going on for yourself.

Doesn’t seem like you’re stuck to me.

You seem to think that Roku, FireTV, and android don’t have problems. Could the R&D resources dedicated to appleTV been applied to fixing some of their problems. Could tablo have lost gen 4 customers who just got tired of waiting for fixes. And could those lost sales be more then they would ever get from new appleTV customers.

I know that each of them have problems. As do the LG and Samsung apps.

But instead of complaining about a version you’re not using, check it out for yourself. It’s the only way you’ll know why they’re holding off.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

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Is there some magic where if a check it will fix my roku, android, and firetv issues.

You’ll have to let us know in 3 more months when you turn it on for an update.