Tablo Apple TV App (4th Gen) Early Access Program

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You need to make posts related to beta apps in the Apple TV beta forum, not in the regularly forum. You should have received directions on where to post questions or problems when you were accepted into the beta group.


This thing has been in beta since Feb. The few leaks seem to imply things are going great. So how long before it is actually released?

Looks like several of us waiting since 11 days ago, although I only recently applied. I read somewhere they get people in every few days, but that’s open to interpretation I guess.

Hey, I signed up in April but never got an email or message. Can I get added as well?

Any update on when the app will be released???

Just signed up to hopefully get in on the beta. Are they still adding new users?

I have signed up to be a beta tester. Very interested. I’m coming from the HD Homerun. I do like this product because you can get additional internet channels free. Plus I like that the tablo box has wifi capabilities. I have placed it in the attic where it is out of site. Again please consider me as a tester. Thank you in advance.


Hoping to get in on the beta as well. Just picked up a 4th gen and would love to test it out with my Apple TV.

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Cant wait to try it on my new apple tv 4k I currently use it on firestick but hoping it will be a better experience on apple. I switched over from the fire recast which worked great but started to give me issue’s so I decided to switch to Tablo hopefully I get in on the beta soon

Hopefully they are still accepting Beta users. Really looking forward to this.

How long does it take to get added for the Beta program? I signed up and completed the survey back in April. Would love to try this out using my Apple TV devices

I appreciate that the Beta Testers are taking the time to get it right. Apple is a tuff one, but if you get it right it requires the least amount adjusting down line. I am older now but I Beta tested so many Items in my time. You have to get it right at the start because after it is released if there is anything else wrong it never gets fixed or takes a LOOOOng Time to get right. GO BETA TESTERS !


If you filled the form out correctly it only takes a few days.

You can try signing up again from a different phone, tablet, or PC.

I am in the same situation. I’m trying to move away from my (now discontinued) Fire TV Recast after replacing all our Fire TV 4ks with the Apple TV 4K units. Did you end up getting into the beta? Trying to figure out if I should keep the Tablo (which I love so far) or move to something else.

Ok, great. I just filled out the form again and submitted it. Thank you

Just signed up here too, hopefully out soon fingers crossed

Signed up yesterday, but used alternate email address, so have resubmitted with primary email.

Anxious for Apple TV App, since I’d like to use Tablo on all my TVs (5) which are connected to Apple TV boxes (both HD and 4K models).

I am currently using the Tablo App on a Roku Express 4K, on which it works beautifully. I’ve also accessed it with a 2019 LG 4K TV Tablo App, where it’s a little laggy, but adequate.

I’ve been quiet in the forum, just reading, since I was hesitant to buy the product, because I do almost all my viewing using my Apple TVs. I only have that Roku to experiment with, so I can help friends who won’t spend the extra for Apple TVs.

I regularly use beta versions of iOS and TV OS.

I hope it is not too late to be added.

Checking to see if I made the cut. I haven’t heard back.