Tablo Apple TV App (4th Gen) Early Access Program

Any updates on releasing this?

Am I supposed to receive something when I fill out the form?

Not immediately.

We generally add folks every few days.

When you are added you’ll get a notification here on the forum, and if you have forum email notifications enabled you’ll get one in your inbox as well.

We are new to Tablo and did not realize it doesn’t work with Apple TV.
We have requested to be part of the “beta test group” but have not heard back.
How long does it usually take for them to allow you to participate?
Is the Apple TV app working in the Beta version?
We bought a Fire Stick as a work around but really like our Apple TV and would prefer if the Tablo App worked with it…lol

@DKBDRB You have been added now.

Have I been added. lbsabnabdab?

You have now. The user name you supplied on the signup sheet was misspelled.

I applied to be a beta tester. How long does it usually take Tablo to confirm or deny the request?

i have an appleTV and am sick of paying $25.75 a month for a “broadcast fee”. i just purchased the 4th gen tablo and would like to be a beta tester.

Hi folks…I got my Tablo early last November and would be excited to join the Beta program. I applied today. We have 4 Apple TV’s, 3 are 4K and one is slightly older (HD). I do run the Tablo app on my iPad and on a Roku but would love to be able to get these 4 online and give some feedback*. I do have a techie background and I have participated in other Beta programs under DNA - so I do understand the process. The Roku is in the Living Room, beside the Apple TV, and the main reason I still run the Roku is that does give me the Tablo - so I can also compare side-side. Looking forward to hearing from you…


Have I been added yet?

You are now.

If it is still available, I would love to help out!

how long does it take to get access?

I’m excited to gain access as well.

@TabloTV - my son was helping me register and accidentally entered his information rather than mine. You should see two registrations for my serial number. The second one is the preferred account for access.

I will be more excited when it is released to the Apple App store for everyone.


I’m excited that it appears people get added so fast. I’m glad I stumbled upon this beta program. I’ve been a Tablo user for years and I was debating switching over to HomeRunHD just so I could get OTA on all my appleTV devices but if this works I’m sticking with Tablo!

Just completed the survey to enter beta, hoping to get selected.

@TabloTV Hoping to get added soon as well. Submitted my registration yesterday. I am new to the platform and compared a few platforms. Tablo was the highest rated but didn’t have an ATV app. Then I saw this program. I am in my 30 day window so hope to get added to the program before my return window is up as this was a key part of the decision.

What is the current wait time to be added to the beta?