Tablo App keeps shutting down while watching

Issue still happening for me on multiple Roku’s on version 12.5 and Tablo Version 2.2.48

Pausing for a second and then resuming after switching to a channel seems to be the work around.

I have a new Tablo gen4 on a Roku running 12.5 and the Tablo has been shutting down to the home screen after 15-20 minutes. It didn’t seem to matter which channel was on, but I did just start using the old Roku remote instead of a Roku remote app on my phone. I just took the batteries out of the remote and the Tablo app seems to have stopped shutting down.

Spoke to soon, Tablo app did shut down after an hour

Im having the same issue.

What is a FAST channel?


Thanks @cjcox

Telephone support today confirmed this is a known issue. I hope they fix it soon, because it is very frustrating.

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Brand new Roku Ultra 4802X, OS 12.5.0, with latest Tablo app 0.8.401 —- just noticed and/or just started to exit live tv to Roku home menu after x minutes of viewing.

Very sad, need more better updates soon :slight_smile:

Same issue here … Tablo exits after watching live TV for a few min. On the 12.5 roku OS. Hoping for a quick fix

Has anyone heard if there is a fix yet? I just got my tablo 4 gen 4 tuner model and it keeps kicking me out of live tv as well. I love it for recording but the live tv thing is obnoxious. I would just use my tv antenna option on my roku tv to watch live tv but i need to run my antenna signal full strength to the tablo in order to get all channels as i live right on the edge of the broadcast area and dont want to split the signal. Also curious if just pausing the broadcast for a minute or two will eliminate the app kicking me out. Will give it a try.

Mine has been shutting down completely at random for weeks. I have reset, rebooted and re-started everything in my house but this crap keeps happening. Customer service is little to no help. Bought on Amazon at the end of September and return window is closed or I would have shipped this thing back. I am frustrated beyond belief. Somebody needs to address this issue.

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I was just wondering if that is the trick. To pause the channel for a minute or so to build up a recording buffer. I will try this out when i get home today!

If you are running Tablo with an EXTERNAL HDD (not SSD), and are having major glitch issues with the Tablo, then try unplugging the HDD and go back to using the internal memory of the Tablo, and see if most of the TV viewing issues are resolved. I did this and mine cleared up ( I only had one minor glitch since this).
Tinkerdog (Tommy T.)

At this point in the game, anything is possible. So who knows if the HDD/SSD trick will work for everyone. It’s definitely worth mentioning.

The problem, though, is that once you remove your external drive and record to the internal again, you can no longer access your external recordings through the Tablo. It is possible to read your drive (it’s in NTSF format, so it’s won’t mount in MacOS or Windows without accommodations) but the file structure is a nightmare. (Half hour shows can be split into 40+ files, directories are oddly numbered, etc.)

I’m glad this worked for you, and I really hope you don’t have many recordings on your drive that were valuable to you. Maybe others with a blank SSD or HDD can try this out and see if it’s helpful. Anything is worth a try!

Here’s a new one (at least for me): Watching live local news via new Roku Ultra, all good THEN suddenly back in Tablo Channel Guide (not Roku home page)

BTW: not using external drive on Tablo

Now I don’t feel bad.
It’s happening to me too.
Sometimes if I cruise the guide too much it seems like the system gets too stressed, it freezes up, and then just says “F-it” and goes back to the Roku-homepage.

Other times I’ll wake up in the morning, put it on in my bedroom, fall back asleep for a little bit, wake back up to silence because it’s back on the R-homescreen …??

@Doug_Striker - maybe it’s just habit but whenever I see a channel buffer the first time I pause the channel for about 30 seconds and after that, I usually don’t see buffering anymore while watching that channel. The reason I started doing that was because I was talking with my brother who had fubo and he and I noticed that fubo has a lag of about 30 seconds from what I was seeing over my antenna and maybe that’s their key to avoid buffering. Just my thinking.

@bryan60k - I’ve noticed the same thing with my guide getting too stressed out and freezing and kicking back to a restart of the app or just to the home page. I guess it’s all in how it feels at the moment. I have an external drive but I tested with 3 different drives and didn’t see any difference with or without the drivers and I tested with a 2TB, 5TB and a 1TB SSD (all had the same issues and none performed noticeably better than the others or worse), I wound up determining that the 2TB HDD wound up working best for me and I returned the SSD and the 5TB.

FYI, just saw this post on the Roku forum.

Well, my Tablo went back to its previous very glitchy state again tonight ( No HDD or SSD connected). Jumping out of Tablo back to Roku after about 5 to 10 minutes showing TV from the Guide.

So DISREGARD my posting on this subject. I was WRONG.

Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe it is Roku all along…