Spare Power Supply?

I just recently purchased a two tuner model Tablo, and so far I like it. I would like to take it with me in an RV, and would like to purchase a second power supply so I don’t have to take that back and forth. Does anybody have a part number for a suitable replacement power supply? I saw a previous thread where Tablo listed a Mouser power supply for the 4 tuner model (and a note that said the two models used different power supplies). But that model listed is obsolete.


I agree Tablo company should provide an option to purchase a spare power supply. Some problems with the Tablo DVR have been traced to defective power supplies and the ability to swap out with a spare would be very helpful.

In the grand scheme of things the cost of a spare power supply is minuscule compared to the overall cost of the system and would be a good investment.

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Folks report using the Kensington K38047US for netbooks - $10 on Amazon as a replacement. Seems the power supply can go bad and make your Tablo appear dead!

See: Tablo has failed and is dead

I bought this one on eBay and worked great. Brought my Tablo back to life.

I tried it on both my 2 Tuner and 4 Tuner and it performed well.

I got one for a spare, note that is has a usb port for powering a fan; just be sure to reset the voltage to 12 volts and use the right size tip.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I ordered the Kensington power supply referenced above, and will give it a try on our next trip.

I ordered the Kensington power supply as well, and am using it now with my TABLO 4 tuner model. So far so good. I am keeping the original PS for backup.

Very important to change default 19 volt setting to 12 volts before powering up the Tablo.

My cost for the Kensington PS was $11.99 plus free shipping with Amazon prime.

I got mine from the same place, same price. Thanks for the tip on the voltage setting. I did see on the box that it had three different voltage settings. Nowadays I would have though the default setting would be 5 volts for all the USB devices.

I assume the voltage setting does not affect the voltage at the USB port?

Same here. Thanks for info

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This is the type of connector that Tablo uses.
DC Power 12V 5.5mm x 2.5mm Barrel Male Plug Connector
So if you can find a power supply with that connector and enough amps, it should work.

I use the above connector to hook the Tablo up to my 12v solar, battery source and it works great. I even have a USB fan plugged into the Tablo.

I also have my netwotk adaptors running this way. My Tablo will now record even with a black out.
Now I need a 12v TV.

Can someone confirm (or deny) that this part will work as a replacement power supply for my Tablo 4 tuner.