Some shows won't rip

I’ve been ripping shows for years. I’m using Tablo Ripper version 2.4.1. My problem is that some shows just won’t rip. I know that if a show is broken into pieces, only one piece can be ripped because there would be two or more pieces in the output location if it allowed all pieces to be ripped but that is not the problem here. I simply have some shows that will not rip no matter how many times I’ve tried. Is there a solution?

The past week I have had to go into Ripper and manually hit he start button to get the shows to start ripping- haven’t had that problem before.

Can you “play” the shows you’re having problems ripping? If you can’t play them, you can’t rip them.

There’s a setting that determines if “incomplete” shows are skipped. Perhaps that’s why some shows aren’t considered “new” for auto-ripping?


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  • Troubleshooting step #1 is always “enable logging and take a look at what’s going on”. If you run into an error message you don’t understand, ask a question.
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Have had some Thunderstorms lately also- would this cause Incomplete shows also?

Yep. And TabloRipper displays an asterisk (*) next to the name when recordings are incomplete. You can un-check the setting that skips them if you’d like to automatically rip them along with your other recordings.

I’m using the start button each time I rip - in other words, I always do foreground rips - never background. I move the show from the left column to the right column and click the start button. It starts ripping and shows progress but eventually quits, as if it is complete, but the show is in the left column and nothing is in my output folder where all ripped shows go.

Hi CycleJ, thanks for replying. One of the reasons I’m ripping all shows is so I can completely clear 5 TBs of shows off of a 5 TB drive (it will take days) because my Tablo database is hopelessly screwed up such that I can’t watch any shows through Tablo. I’m hoping that once, the drive is clear, I can reformat it, re-install Tablo and have everything working again.

My incomplete shows always have an asterisk and never rip. The setting to skip incomplete shows is unchecked.

The shows I’m talking about are not incomplete or in pieces. They are complete shows.

I will turn on logging and see what I find.

No problems with thunderstorms. They can cause incomplete shows but that is not the problem here, I’m trying to rip complete shows.

Definitely start with the logs. It sounds like the Tablo database (stored internally) may not match what’s actually on your hard drive. If that’s the case, Tablo support might be able to help sort it out. Your clue would be that you can’t “watch” a show that appears in the list.

The setting to “ignore” incomplete shows only applies to the background task. It’s ignored in your foreground rips.

I turned on logging but can’t find the log file. Where will it be located and how is it named?

Once the database got screwed up, most shows are recorded correctly and can be ripped and watched but they don’t show up in the recordings section of Tablo. It might increase the count of episodes recorded it doesn’t usually list the shows to be watched. This is a problem with the database being scrambled. In fact, it’s gotten scrambled twice and each time it wipes out the entire “recorded” section but starts over from scratch - mostly just increasing the count of recorded episodes (from zero). Nevertheless, the shows are on the hard drive and can be ripped and watched.

Take a look at the top of the TabloRipper screen. There’s a link to view your log file…

Thanks. I did a simple rip of one of the problem programs at 6:26 pm and there are literally hundreds of lines with that timecode on them. I would copy and paste for you but I think its too much. What should I look for to indicate what the problem might be? Or what could I copy and paste for you?

I see quite a few lines that read like this:

8/12/2019 6:26:46 PM Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

I suspect it is while trying to reload my list its finding a lot of my programs that have indexes that are screwed up. Just a guess but maybe these are also the shows that I’m having trouble ripping. Maybe the bad indexes are related to the screwed up database that the Tablo support team found when diagnosing the problem with my live TV grid being blank.

It sounds like you’re in the unenviable position of having to salvage what you can, and skip what you can’t. TabloRipper is completely dependant on the meta-data stored in your Tablo’s internal database. If it’s “good”, the recording can be ripped. If not…

@CycleJ I’ve been using your software for years and never took the time to thank you for it, it’s really nice and my kids love all the movies/shows I have in my Plex because of you.
Kudos and thanks <3


I installed a NAS using a shared folder between my PC and the NAS. For some reason, Tablo Ripper stopped processing files. It will grab (and delete) the files off of the Tablo, but I have to move the files from Recordings on the left to Selected Recordings on the right and then click Foreground->Start. They will then process and be put in the shared folder. The background service is running. I just turned on logging tonight so I will need to wait for another round of recordings to process overnight to get anything in the logs. In the meantime, is there something I need to do permission wise, etc., for Tablo to send files to the shared drive? I think it might have to do with me being actually logged into the computer. This computer is headless and I access it via VNC on the local network.

What account is the Tablo Ripper Service running under? That account has to have rights to the NAS location.The logs should give some clue as to whether that’s indeed the problem.

Also, you may want to post over in the thread I linked below as well since the Tablo Ripper developer watches it although be aware Tablo Ripper is no longer in active development

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