So why not a non internet access app?

Ok, I look over your diagram closer and reviewed your comments. I don’t discount any of your viewpoints directly.
Are you using a switch to offload traffic from your ISP’s router, and to separate your tablo, with a 100Mbs port, from your internet traffic… really? Your diagram shows 8 devices - and your ISP’s router struggles?? am I missing something

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The switch built into consumer grade routers and the cheap all-in-ones that ISP’s provide is notoriously weak. In some cases it’s a software switch instead of hardware. Since a good gigabit switch is only about $20 there’s really no reason to use the router switch ports for anything that needs any real bandwidth.


Alright then, thanks for the insight @FlyingDiver. I paid a bit more for an 8 port switch :frowning_face: (it’s more for extending than isolating) Ok, I get that an ISP just want to rent out what costs them the least.
My router has a 1Ghz dual core processor, yes, with software switched ports. It’s unlikely I overload it, or give it much of a workout myself.

I certainly hope they add the ability to connect locally without live internet to the computer via the Chrome browser. Now we just have to wait for them to do so.

But everyone has different wants they say should have been done yesterday. I rather they spend the time to add Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing) to the Roku app which has never had remote capabilities since day 0.


YES, I have 3 tvs and 3 Rokus, and I would really like to have the ability to use the same equipment for remote viewing. Excellent idea - will put it in the next survey.


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try Waze. I installed and opened it, and immediately–per Android rules–it asked for permission to access my contacts. Um, no. You don’t need my contacts. Waze said, OK–and that was that. It closed.

I poked around; asking for permission to mine the contacts on my phone is something Google added to Waze within the last year. And I am far from the only person who thinks that’s insane.

It’s all about the data mining. You know what? I bought a Garmin navigator to put on my dash. It works great, it’s right in my line of sight, and has lifetime updates. And it responds very well to voice commands. You know what it doesn’t do? Sit on my phone and mine all the data it wants.

All y’all can sit back and declare that what Tablo is doing here is “good”. It isn’t, but you’ll continue thinking otherwise. I get it.

That’s actually a little insane. Access to contacts. Waze does not have access of my contacts on my iPhone nor did it ever ask for access to it. I just checked the privacy settings under the iOS Settings to confirm.

Off topic but just an FYI, you can most definitely use Waze without giving it permission to access your contacts. I use it daily with no issues and only granted location and microphone access.


Same here. Use Waze all the time and it does NOT have access to my contacts. There are times that it would save some time, but I never give contact permission.

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Thanks for the link, I’ll check that out.

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Just wanted to chime in with a few details…

As currently designed, it is not possible for us to provide access to the web app without an active internet connection.

It could be possible IF we had chosen to bundle the web app within Tablo’s firmware. However, we specifically chose not to do this as it would prevent us from releasing app updates independently from firmware updates, significantly curtailing the flexibility of the product and release schedules.

Our focus is also on developing the product to be easy-to-use for the average non-technical user.

While we realize there are a subset of power users like the folks in this thread, most Tablo owners would not be able to look up a DHCP lease and bookmark their Tablo’s IP address. Heck, they probably couldn’t even tell you what DHCP was or why they should care about it.

That being said, we acknowledge that there are ways we can improve the product for advanced users, including providing alternatives to the current network discovery process.


Sorry for minor understandings here but is there any estimate how long Tablo can operate without active internet connection?

When storms knock out our ISP, ATV4/base station router maintain Tablo access for a while.

Suppose how long it works without active ISP depends where it’s sitting with regard to lease renewal?

And of course, if it outage lasts long enough no guide data.

Oh well thanks if comments can help me better understand…

FlyingDiver, djk44883 having a separate switch is also about separation of concerns. Let the ISP router be the component that routes traffic to/from your home network to the internet. Let your network switch take care of routing everything else.

I also like that I can reboot/reconfigure/relocate/upgrade my ISP router without impact to TV viewing.

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For non-web based Tablo apps, like the Roku Tablo app, it should be indefinitely.
If my internet connection goes down, I can still use the Roku Tablo app to access my Tablo.
The Roku will warn me that it senses the internet connection is down, but will allow me to continue anway.
The DHCP lease renewal for the Tablo should have no effect on functionality during this period, cuz the DHCP server is within the local network, and doesn’t require an internet connection at all.


yes i see that with ROKU in other room although a little laggy to accept continue without

What continue are you talking about on which Roku and Roku OS?

The internet down message has changed over various Roku OS releases.

At one time the message required a response which was easy to input. Then it went through a period where the message appeared twice. Then a period where the message appeared once but was hard to answer.

But I thought when I last tested on Roku OS 9.X the message was just informative.

my bad, it wasn’t “continue” but “Proceed anyway” 2nd option after “Set up connection” Error code: 016 When launching Tablo app from home page.

I’ve woken this Roku and seen the same message for the device and again when launching Tablo app.

version 9.0.0
build 4083

:black_heart: I couldn’t click the little “like” heart, but I do appreciate the acknowledgment of potential improvements… and accept we are probably a minority subset.

but really, combining OTA and networking – it’s been a geeks world long before the “discovery” of free TV…you had to know something would happen

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I agree with you dkj. Who goes through the trouble of putting an IP enabled device on a network to watch TV if they don’t already have this background? Hard to believe we are not the majority not the minority. This product would be 10/10 for me with this one feature added.

This is kind of a non-starter. I haven’t done a pcap to verify, but doesn’t Tablo use mDNS (Bonjour/Avahi)? If not, put that on the roadmap, or require vanilla IPv6 be enabled. Problem solved!