So why not a non internet access app?

My ISP is relatively stable. Still, it is a PITA when it gets wonky, requires a reset, sometimes a network reset, etc. (and they ALL do from time to time). All I want to do is watch TV, not fiddle with network crap (I’d like to do that when I want to, not be forced). Since all components are on my own network, I should be able to access those resources. While I understand the need for an internet connection for data & such, there is no reason Tablo couldn’t have an alternative app that would allow you to access the recordings you already have. Something ala Plex style viewing of recordings. Don’t need data, detailed descriptions or pretty pictures, just ACCESS for those times you drop an internet connection! And I know that I can rip the recordings to my PC, then use Plex to watch them, but what a hassle.

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My ISP also rarely goes down. and when it does, no reset(?) or network reset(?) is required.

Some devices, such as Fire TV Stick, require the internet. Some devices like Roku don’t.

All network devices need an IP address. If the address is acquired from a DHCP server that goes down the device should be able to be used until the IP address lease expires. Of course if the network is reset all addresses are released.

If you had your own router behind the ISP router with a DHCP server and all devices connected to this router you might be in luck. Otherwise when you are talking about network devices not using direct WiFi you might need to change the internet standard.

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Unless you are using a computer or smart Tv (maybe Xbox as well), you can access the Tablo when your internet is down (on your home network).

Many will suggest it’s silly to suggest such a thing. Or you should use the same equipment they do, cause it works like that (more or less).
Yes, there are work-arounds. Depending or your perspective, and/or technical skill level, can be a hassle.
Irregardless, right, alternative methods require some interactive effort, or proprietary equipment, to get your free OTA programming over your own network with out an active internet connection. :disappointed:

Not a word, but agree with your message.

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To make it work does require that you have some understanding of basic concepts, what functionality is provided plus where it’s provided, and how these services are affected when the ISP goes down.

Of course you could always petition the standards committee to change the standard.

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That would be cool… but, just pretend, we could get networking technologies to work 'zactly how we wanted them to - Nuvyyo still has a device they can make work how they want/need it to. But still, I commend your forward thinking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, and using that same standard ‘lamadamadingdong’ is a word, too. lol

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Everything went downhill when twerk was added to the MW dictionary. Any word is a real word in today’s world.


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Back to the original request. Almost every single Tablo app works just fine without internet access, so it’s already out there.

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This might be picky, or perhaps an oversight. You suggested it previously, several posts up, isn’t it more device dependent? or a combination.

The only apps that have to use the internet are browser based on the computer, Smart TVs, and the Xbox. So AppleTv, FireTv, Roku, AndroidTv, and mobile web apps are all fine when there is no internet (though you have to configure the FireTv OS to work itself without internet in its settings).


Where might that setting be for FireTV? And if you don’t need internet, why do I get the message from Tablo… something like ‘unable to connect to Tablo servers’ ? (I forget exactly what the message was, but it sure led me to believe I needed internet)

See if this video helps you on the FireTv. It gives instructions on how to launch apps without internet:

Which app were you getting the “Unable to connect to Tablo servers”?

Or–and now here’s a thought–don’t use Tablo, because they STILL haven’t thought the silly thing all the way through.

The most basic functionality, a web app, doesn’t work without access to Tablo’s servers–is that correct?

Using a browser will not work when the internet is down, correct. I have said that many times.

Yes a “web” app needs the WWW (world wide web) - surprise :rofl:

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