Shows stop playing and return to episode menu

Recently my tablo has randomly stopped playing shows and returning to the riku episode menu. I can resume play and it will start playing right where it quit so at least thats good but it happens at least 2 times during an hour show. So its getting really annoying. Tablo is 2.2.10. Im accessing it through a roku 2 and a roku stick…both have the same issue. Any thoughts?

Have you tried power cycling your router, Tablo, and then Roku, in that order?

Yes. sorry I should have mentioned that. Everything has been restarted multiple times but it still happens every evening watching DVRd content.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times. Fortunately it was only the news so I deleted it right away. I have the older Roku 3

It’s sporadic for me… reboot of devices don’t seem to matter. My Roku 3 is WiFI, maybe a temporary disruption can cause this?? Not sure. It’s definitely there though… and again, doesn’t matter if freshly rebooted or not. Sometimes it can happen almost instantly (less than a minute in a TV show), sometime not a all. Sometimes it happens, I restart it happens again, sometimes not. It’s not predictable.

Didn’t use to have this problem (many firmware revs and Roku revs ago).

Can happen live, or watching recorded. Might not see for many watches, then see it enough to make it a real pain.

We believe this issue is the same as the two noted below, which have been presented to Roku for analysis and have been observed in other applications:

Thanks… just wanted to make sure I wasn’t alone…
(or that I had missed a statement about the problem or solution)