Setting recording priority?


I don’t disagree. And that’s why they have a beta program and active, open discussion about upcoming features during those betas. I just don’t see the point in further discussion until they review the options and request feedback from us.


I would expect they’re constantly taking feedback from a discussion forum like this.

I wouldn’t wait until they ask questions to say, “Hey, you know…”


no you are being funny!! tablo is for a specialized task!! which would amount to a fraction of a PC!
My android (linux based) phone can do more than any Windows anything!
You really think way too much of your Win7 computer if you’re valuing them at $200??!

Quick ebay search Windows 7 PC Desktops & All-In-One Computers under $100.00 and several not even that much…

:joy:Windows :rofl: 7 :laughing: computer :sleepy: …that’s just a silly analogy.


corporations make DVRs …to generate profits, for shareholders or investors.

Generally, people get them from their service providers… take what they get. stoopid Americans just “ASS-U-ME” that’s how they work.

Nevertheless - maybe you should continue preach it get the message out :yum:


no. Corporations SELL DVRs. Humans design, engineer, and make DVRs.


maybe it’s semantics or perspective - under contract of, or employed by the corporations. They become part of the corporation. Alright, at conception, it’s some people coming up with the plan, until it become something.

ok, I put TV tuners cards in a pc, installed software - I built my own DVR… but did I?


Only humans can make decisions on what to do.

Only humans can come here and see the feedback, and use it to make decisions on how to use resources and on what features they will spend those resources.

Yes, you built your own DVR. YOU made the decisions on tuners, computer hardware, operating system, application software. YOU made the decisions on what features to turn on/off or to use.

I daresay that however many MythTV setups are out there, no two are exactly alike. That’s the result of humans building their own setups.


According to the 14th amendment of the US Constitution, corporations are persons, so they actually design, engineer, and make DVRs.


So by your assertion, corporations can continue on and design, engineer, and make–and sell–DVRs without a single human entity involved in any part of the chain.

Got it.


The equal protection ruling has bounced both ways but it sounds more like propaganda, “people to”.
People-corporations don’t go to jail for breaking the law? Publicly traded corporations have a legal obligation to act in their shareholders best interest period. People have a conscience and some can make moral decisions.
Although people vote, corporations manipulate the populous, so indirectly they do. Regardless, corporations control the government - people ‘think’ the elected government
makes decisions.
…for example


I/we assembled parts. Didn’t truly engineer any devices. Didn’t develop any code for the software. But this goes back to your comment about making DVRs and selling/buying DVRs. This isn’t relevant to your preaching.

I assembled our own, well because OTA DVRs wasn’t an option.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Na-na na-na boo boo, go stick your head in doo doo.:neutral_face:


So by your assertion… ghost ran corporations?
I don’t get it


Well, ghosts are persons, too, just dead ones. :wink:


I don’t agree with the court’s interpretation of the 14th amendment, but it appears they stretch the meaning of person to include corporations for actions, not punishment of those actions.


If corporations are persons, and persons can build things, then corporations can build things, cuz they are persons.
This can be confusing, cuz humans are persons, but corporations are not humans, so which non-human persons are building things?
Haven’t worked out that one yet.


What do you think Tablo does? They assemble parts.

They DO write code. Good for them.

I can guarantee, every MythTV installation out there involves someone writing custom code.


Best I recall, it’s the court’s interpretation - “equal protection”. It’s some people-corporation/politatiion’s interpretation “corporations are people too” was somewhat my perspective.

Yea, ghost were people too. So they don’t even need to worry about setting recording priority any more :grinning:


Tablo is a Canadian company, do we really need to start talking about the US Constitution?


I was exceptionally bored (been snowed in for 3 days) because I really need to let it go.
Searched mythtv coding and surprised to find Coding Standards - MythTV Official Wiki
Here’s a couple points:

Use C++11. Avoid outdated C constructs like TRUE/FALSE macros, C-style casting, NULL/0 instead of nullptr, etc. Myth requires gcc 4.7 or above
Use Qt for non-GUI tasks.

I’m calling-in that gar-on-tee! Even if it’s custom… you have to have some basic understanding to get through this.


right, we should be in Requested Tablo Features (feel free to add) and suggest a constitutional right to set dvr recording priority :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: