Setting recording priority?


Wait, I have a foreign product in my house?
Dammit, gotta go check that wall again. :wink:


This sounds like a Dilbert strip written by Dr Seuss…


As AI takes over their heads will probably explode. At which point they will ask Alexa what’s happening.


We do indeed.

We just hope everyone keeps the back & forth civil. :slight_smile:

And every 6 months or so, we do ask pointed questions and for specific feedback in our user survey.

We’re almost due for another one. So feel free to start drafting your feature request screeds now.


Hate it when you make me look up words like ‘screed’.


At Thanksgiving of 2014 Tablo promised that the Roku app would have feature parity with the WEB app.

How has that been working out? It’s January of 2019 and if you don’t count remote connect it’s down to manual recording.

Maybe a little more time finishing off the features and functionality of all the apps versus changing existing functionality would be helpful.The WEB app doesn’t even have the Scheduled Coming Soon filter.


Did they really promise?


Thanksgiving of 2014 a new Roku app was released using a new underlying design. The statement was this new design was to allow for feature compatibility with the WEB app.

Toward the end of December 2014 Tablo kind of backtracked off saying various functionality couldn’t be done due to the Roku BrightScript programing limitation.

The hilarious thing was around Febuary of 2015 both SlingTv and WatchESPN released their updated Roku apps and they were doing some of the things tablo said couldn’t be done.


No offense meant, I don’t see a promise, and feature compatibility is not the same as feature comparability.


Feature compatibility is a super set of feature comparability.

Not only does the feature exist it also looks and functions the same.

Or at least functions the same. With feature comparability the feature may exist in some fashion but you may have to jump through different mechanisms.

With the Roku app these features didn’t exist.



I almost sounds like they need to start with a clean sheet of paper, do the feature set right, and simultaneously make sure all the apps are full players with that feature set.

(This makes me think of the running joke with ReplayTV, around the question of “when will we get HD?” The answer was an unspecified “Q3”. Of course that year’s Q3 came about and it never happened, but the community never forgot. Everything from that point on that came up, the answer was “Q3”.)


well, but he actually said:

Parity has a very specific meaning.


I’ve never seen that definition, and am having trouble searching for it on the internet.


Ah ha!
Thank you for pointing that out.
@zippy, the whole compatability vs comparability discussion is irrelevant, cuz feature parity does mean feature comparability.
My bad, sorry.

However, I still don’t see a promise.


There are other threads but why go on. The question is does the feature exist at all.

“The Roku update we’re working on NOW is being done custom, from scratch to create a look & feel that more closely mimics our other


You’re not still waiting? Now, I’m wondering… is this as good as it’s gonna get?

Personally, as deplorable as commercials are, I can skip them with a 1min, 30sec or 15sec skips… a few taps and they’re gone. It’s not a major issue for me, but I tell-you-what …


I always enjoy being required to use two or more devices when you should be able to accomplish what you need to do using one device.


in some sad way, I think I know what you mean

but back to how all this started, how many devices does it take you to prioritize your recordings?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@TabloTV I am trying to decide between a Tablo and a TiVo after I cut the cord. The one thing that is stopping me from going with Tablo (I would be waiting for the Tablo Quad to come out in late March) is the lack of series priority. Both TiVo and my current Comcast DVR have this feature. Let’s say I have 47 series recordings. Series priority would be ranking them #1, #2, #3, …, #47 so that conflict resolution would be handled automatically. Tablo arbitrarily deciding that the latest recording shouldn’t be recorded in case of a conflict is silly. In an earlier reply, you said that you would be looking at your conflict resolution algorithm later this year. Please consider asking your developers to implement this. I don’t think it would hard and it would give you market value by making this feature on par with your competitors. Thank you.


Love it when people say that to me at work. :wink:
I do agree with everything else you said, though.
While I can’t even remember the last time a recording conflict occurred, my system is conflict free only because the low number good OTA signal channels received.
That number will go up when the taped to an inner wall OTA antenna on the 1st floor moves to the roof. :slight_smile:
Series priority conflict resolution would be great.