Requested Tablo Features (feel free to add)

  • Stop recording series that is being canceled without any story closure.
  • Add voting buttons to all shows (send the results to Russia)
  • Use AI, VR, machine learning, and other popular buzzwords to create unauthorized final episodes that provide closure to series that get canceled without any story closure.

While I respect your opinions, cjcox, I must disagree with your first point.

Also, it might be more cost effective to sell the voting results to various US companies.

I will upvote that myself to get more episodes of FlashForward.

  • Nuke interference button (or automatic) - automatically launches interference clearing missiles from your premise to clear any OTA obstructions.
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  • Tablo Ultraconnect - Makes the whole Internet into the “local LAN”. Now you can see everyone’s Tablo.
  • Tablo chip - AI chip implanted in each person’s head that reads their minds and automatically figures out which episodes to keep, how many to keep, and protection against deletion of things you shouldn’t have deleted.

And call the feature “Poopli”.

  • Unfriend Me - When you run out of space on your drive, it uses your friend’s Tablo drive to store programs.

Keep these coming. April Fools is only a few months away!

Who said we were kidding?

No no - Allows you to set a search pattern and uses the actor information from the guide. If a person matches, do NOT record the program.

Government Shutdown - Stop the state of the union address (or others) from messing up your scheduled shows by causing an immediate government shutdown.

Sort of already did this…

88 MPH - Allows you to fast forward beyond “live” and allows you to rewind to a point before the recording/watching was started.


Automatically record all ‘Judge Judy’ episodes.
This would be a mandatory, hard coded, can never be removed feature.

Seasoning - Causes all recordings to grouped as one series and just one season.

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Halftime - replaces all US Football hafltimes with Up With People’s Superbowl XIV show

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Three hour turbo fast forward into the future. Useful for recording the lottery drawings in advance. Make sure it works using out of home streaming. Very useful while standing in the gas station while waiting to buy lottery tickets.

Call it the DeLorean Turbo Forward. Install a flux capacitor in the next Tablo model.You will, of course, need to upgrade the power supply. 1.2 gigawatts, I think. Do add lightning protection. :slight_smile:

Must watch BTTF now.

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