Requested Tablo Features (feel free to add)


Weathershark - automatically replaces any weather forecast with a trailer for Sharknado.


Funnybone - replaces scheduled recordings of Saturday Night Live with old SCTV shows.


RGB - Records the Red Green Show in place of anything starting with a “B”


Tablo Panini - Use two 4 tuner Tablos to make the perfect sandwich.


This feature already exists. It only works properly when recording at least 6 shows simultaneously. For best results, record 3 shows on each 4-tuner. Stack Panini between tuners.


Non-stick - Replaces the bottom of your 4 tuner Tablo with a non-stick surface plate. Designed for use with Tablo Panini.


That would be a valuable addition to the Tablo Panini setup, yes.

Also, I should start eating Panini for diner instead of lunch. I’m not really into daytime TV and recording 6 showed in the middle of the day is somewhat wasteful of me.


It also needs to leave those cool “grill lines” on your sandwich. The current plate isn’t non-stick and won’t leave those much needed “grill lines”.


Binge recording.


Replacing them with test patterns would be just as good. In fact, just throw up a screen that says, “Really? Really?”


Oooo–how about “random recording”? The idea came to me as I thought about the parody of the Apple iPhone commercial. “iPhone Shuffle–for people who like to talk, but don’t care to whom.”

In all seriousness, take the 4 tuner rig and create a setup that automatically records each major network from 8pm to 11pm every night. You think I’m kidding; I know a guy who does that, who’s been doing it for 20 years. He used to use multiple ReplayTVs.

  • Genre recording - record all shows of a particular genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Cooking, Cop, Comedy, Norwegian


Facetime - Requires camera add-on. Automatically record and/or adjust times based on viewers facial expression.


Bird Box - Requires Tablo theming. Sets the interface to black on black on black. The ultimate UI challenge. Are you scared?


For those of us who grew up in the 60’s when you were lucky to get 5 black and white channels from 2 through 12 (no UHF), offer a video resolution of 480i-1960s. Tablo would work on only one TV. You’d have a choice of up to only 6 channels for live TV. No sub-channels. Everything would be in black and white. Your big screen TV would only display an equivalent to the old rounded corner 4x3 19" TV. Remote controls would not work. You’d have to get off your lazy butt to change the channel or volume. Yeah I guess you need a remote for Tablo. So make it not work once and a while just to make it painful. It would include random ever increasing then decreasing snow interference along with the annoying hissing sound. When you fire up the blinking Xmas lights (the old C7 bimetallic switch blinking lights) they would give you all kinds of electrical interference on the TV. And horizontal hold issues where your TV picture would randomly roll bottom to top then top to bottom every once and a while. And there would be no way to stop it because the horizontal hold adjuster no longer works. Randomly make a channel unwatchable for a time forcing you to fire up the record player to listen to some of the greatest music ever produced on 12" vinyl. And at around 11pm or midnight it would force anything your were watching to go off the air and eventually give you a test pattern with a steady beeeeeeeep. Goodnight.

Ahh the great memories of a simpler time. Yes it really was.