Setting recording priority?

Add more conflicts, make it harder to resolve conflicks, and change all apps so that they are harder to navigate.

This helps weed out the weak and melts snowflakes.

Windows 7 was discontinued. MS decided to go a different direction and not continue providing Media Center.

As companies do. No surprise there.

But 7MC continues to work just fine. 'Splain THAT one, Lucy.

And it continues to amaze even 7MC users how polished and feature-rich it is, given when it was released and how little attention it got afterward. The fact that Tablo et al. still fail to produce such a rich feature set, speaks volumes.

Of course it sat on a computer. Your Tablo sits on a computer. But funny thing–your Tablo can’t do a fraction of what a Windows 7 computer does. And yet, for around the same $200 I can buy a Win7-equipped computer today.

Absolutely it’s wrong. Anyone who has seen it done the right way understands what I’m talking about.

It’s insane to expect the user to go in every day as the guide updates and check for and resolve conflicts, by hand.


Maybe you should open up your own company to develop a superior DVR? You seem to think you’ve got the great insights and wonderful aptitude for it. You can become the next CEO billionaire, you’re just sitting on a gold mine.

If that’s not an option, then Tablo has taken your input into consideration and they will make the decision to move forward on it or not. And it’s time to wait patiently and politely.

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I know what makes a great DVR, yes.

And maybe I should continue to preach about what makes a great DVR, lest the people who make DVRs get complacent and the people who buy those DVRs ASS-U-ME that what they can buy must somehow be great, simply because they can buy it.

I NEVER have to manually check for conflicts. Conflicts are automatically flagged when you set a new recording.

You are sounding a lot like a troll.

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I think the “point” is that on most DVRs, you can feed a bunch of things you want recorded and prioritize them so that when conflicts arise it makes decisions based on your own preference. It’s not a bad idea.

Along the same lines, a “matching” routine to automatically schedule recordings.


What’s next, Tinder for TV.

Lucy says, then keep using it, by all means, Ricky.
Sounds like you’re happy with it.

I don’t think most will understand our *cough*non-21st century*cough* references, but keep 'em coming.

I can buy a car for $200, too.
Not gonna count on it get me very far, though.

For now, I’m gonna go make a call on my shoe phone.


I don’t have a problem with how things currently work.

But when you have a 4-tuner tablo and 4 people in the household what does “decisions based on your own preference” mean? Is it a free for all, first come first served, or maybe secret ballot.

You have had to had lived in a household with such a DVR. Basically there was “just one” and as a family we would determine the recording priority preferences.

daddy always wins.
This works best for me.

I do live in a household where at times there are many more then 4. And when you are dealing with nothing but adults people have opinions that aren’t always resolved by the loudest voice.

That Win7 computer is way better of a computer than that car is a car. And you know it.

Why don’t you come up with a relevant comparison, mmmmm?

I know it?
Meaning, I actually agree with you?
I believe I effectively stated I disagree with you, and that is my relevant comparison.
By the way, you don’t have to agree, and you don’t have to know it.

hardly a relevant comparison. I would HOPE that you know that.

It would seem this discussion has run it’s course. Valid feedback has been provided, @TabloTV has indicated they are reviewing the conflicts engine this year. Not much else to discuss at this point.

Thank you.
You stated your opinion, and I appreciate it, even though I disagree.

Sure there is. As they “review the conflicts engine,” feedback from actual users will be tremendously helpful to them.

The idea is not to let the “review” go sideways.

If tablo wants to continue and expand it’s market, I would sure hope they would start with the feature set that the competition has and possibly make it better.

To me it appears that a number of the newer features looks fairly similar to the competition.