List recordings in useful way and go back 5 seconds

Thanks, I had not noticed it… which shows its bad usability.

I think it should:

  • be available on all platform
  • be the default filter
  • show the date of the last recording
  • optionally show the list of episodes rather than series
  • not be a filter (it’s the order of a filter, I can’t filter by movies and sort chronologically)

I didn’t realize how much difference there is between the devices.

The recent recording in Roku is very nice. If I had seen that first I would not have created this post.

Unfortunately my main tv is an LG, and it’s the one with the worst Tablo experience. No conflict resolution, no subtitles, back and forth 30 seconds, screens that freeze…

Do you think I can wait for the app to be fixed or should I just get a Roku?

You didn’t say what OS your LG has.

I would say it’s going to be a proprietary OS which limits tablos ability to implement various features.

LG Web OS.

It’s new, replaces a Sony with Android TV, and its os is was way better than the Sony’s.

I gave up on android tv and I use a Roku on the Sony TV.

The new LG is great, with the only exception of the Tablo app.

Keep in mind that TiVo only needs to support TiVo. TiVo isn’t concerned about whether or not they need to be operational on Roku, Fire, LG, Samsung, and a bunch more. Yes, there’s a TiVo app for iOS and Android.

13 years is a long time doing things a certain way. And while I agree that adjustments to Tablo’s app function might be in order, I’m guessing that in their development environment, they release a feature change in a select group of what they’ve found to be their most used clients. Is is possible that because you’re using more than one client, you’re further complicating your own learning curve? And yes, if the LG Tablo app isn’t working out for you, but the Roku experience is better, then I would put a Roku on the LG.

And… full disclosure…I’m still using TiVo and haven’t made the switch yet. I’m reading the heck out of these posts and searching the web for more reviews, and trying to figure out if whatever differences Tablo may have in operation would still be manageable given that i’ll be saving almost $330 a year in TiVo service fees. So far, I’m not seeing anything insurmountable.

TiVo’s not perfect either. But you do get used to doing things a certain way and you expect things to continue to work the same way even when you’ve made a wholesale change. I’m not sure those expectations are totally realistic.

In preparation for making this change we got a Roku. We found a streaming service that gives us the handful of cable channels we actually watch. My wife learned how to watch, record, etc. Then we cut off cable tv and went on antenna. Now we’re looking at getting out from under the TiVo fees. Lots of changes. You’re making changes too. And finding things you’d like to see changed and voicing those things may help spur improvements that others would find useful.

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I’ve used Sage, WMC, TiVo, Plex and others. My Tivo is in the dead electronics room and Nvidia Shield(plex) is turned off and under a dust cover.

I got tired of too many features and options and went with network based tablo. I decided I didn’t need or want 25 possible options to do something simple.

If all cars have a steering wheel and a brake pedal and an accelerator pedal, how well do you think a car without those things would sell?

You’d see the same fanboi web site as you have here, with those who bought one defending their choice to the death by calling you silly for thinking that a car should have a steering wheel, a brake pedal, and an accelerator pedal.

Your Tivo does things the way it does because those things work and have been proven over a very long time and very wide audience to be a good and reasonable and rational way to do those things.

Your expectations are entirely realistic. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now you’re just being mean.
I think you’re confusing fanbois with people who disagree with your opinion.
You can disagree with an opinion, but you can’t disagree with a fact.

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And if you’ve ever driven a truck with 4 wheel drive in the winter, then you would think all vehicles should be bigger and have 4 wheel drive. Because it’s proven. And it works. I drive one. So I guess that makes my wife in her Jetta must be some kind of fanboi :wink:

I think you’re confusing “disagreement” with “personal attacks”.

And THAT’S the behavior that you generally see when people have bought all in to something, be it Tablo or Tesla, and feel the need to defend their choice even in the presence of, shall we say, alternate information that perhaps they never considered.

And once they’ve made their choice, they will never consider any such alternate information as having any value. To the contrary, many will see it as having negative value, and will associate that with anyone who brings up same said inconvenient information.

This process would happen if Elon Musk brought out a car as I described. Shoot, even the Tesla crowd who want badly to be at the forefront of the fashion started out defending to the death the hour long charge process every couple of hundred miles. You’d see silly statements like, “Well, you’re going to stop anyway for lunch, so it’s no big deal.” Every 200 miles?

My opinion stands that such things as being able to set-and-forget recording priorities and having the “quick back” feature be 7 seconds and NOT 30 seconds have become de facto standards in the DVR world.

I’m not actually.
I see you personally attacking people on this forum, like calling them fanbois, for example, unless you meant fanbois in a positive way.
Please correct me, if I took it the wrong way.
Also, is someone attacking you, or just disagreeing with your opinion?

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Is the Recast 10 seconds?

Is plex skip back 10 and skip forward 30?

Is Tivo Advance button 30 seconds and Replay 8 seconds?

Emby can be configured for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 increments?

preach it @adam1991 … get the message out! :tired_face:

I’ve search “de facto standards in DVR” and apparently… it is just your opinion. Unless you can provide a source, please.

Who wants to start a gofundme to buy him/her a new Tablo QUAD so with 6 tuners they won’t have any recording conflicts?

I’ll donate $0.01 CDN.

do you know what “de facto” means?

Or is this just more of what I described about the fanbois?

Sure, but even unofficial standards are mentioned by more than just a single preacher… unless you are the de facto governing DVR standards body?:smiley:.

Me? Seriously!?

@djk44883 @adam1991 @theuser86 @Radojevic @yardbird

Please look at your posts and delete them if they have nothing to do with the original post subject.

This forum could be a great source of info for Tablo and for the users. Instead, thanks to your bickering, has become a useless mound of display of machismo.

I was just trying to be constructive addressing one specific topic (well, two) related to Tablo.

Please stop burying Tablo related posts under your personal feuds.


Well said.

ok… but wait, I need topic parity. First topic I posted went off topic and had a bit of nonsense in it. It needs equally cleaned up.

I realize everyone’s request is as important as anyone’s - from an outside perspective it may appear like you are claiming this is more important than others. For example, me suggesting Start/End Time - Conflict Resolution… there’s a bit of fun, then Zip basically tells me it’s nothing new, and implies people keep coming along and suggesting the same stuff. Now is this more important? Do I need to insist my suggestion topic get cleaned up?

Of course, some may see this as a request for special treatment aka high-maintenance. If this is the unlikely case… I’ll see what I can do.


if you call me a doo-doo head - I have little to no defense.