Serious issues since 2.2.12

Is anyone else here experiencing serious issues since 2.2.12?

I first got the 4 tuner Tablo when the Apple TV 4 app came out, and I’ve been on 2.2.10 since. The only issue I’ve had with 2.2.10 is the “weak signal” issue where the Tablo would occasionally reboot. I upgraded to 2.2.12 after reading some posters claimed it fixed the issue.

Now there’s all sorts of issues. Randomly, channels that used to come in crystal clear now have serious pixelation and get stuck in a loop. After a few seconds of this, I get booted back to the guide. Often after this, the Tablo will reboot itself, disconnecting from the devices. This usually results in getting “a network error occurred” message when I try to reconnect to the Tablo via my ATV4s. I’m still able to connect with other devices such as my iPhone or iPad, but the pixelation/loop/kick back to guide issue remains on the channel for an undetermined amount of time. Could be 20 min or over an hour before i can access the Tablo again on my ATV4. One time when this occurred, I was recording on 3 channels and tried to acces a 4th channel with my iPhone and got a message stating no tuners were available.

I requested a downgrade to 2.2.10 and support reverted my unit (I saw the version # in settings), but I still experienced the network error at times for no apparent reason. However, when I looked today it showed my unit as 2.2.12 , and the same issues started yet again. I’m pretty sure no one in the household hit the upgrade button since we were all aware of the issues.

No amount of rebooting, cycling or deleting apps have resolved these issues. In fact, after deleting the app on one Apple TV I’m stuck with a blank null app which I can’t get rid of or reinstall.

These issues render the Tablo virtually useless. Anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions?

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