SAP Issues with Tablo


It’s included in the latest 2.2.24 firmware. Keep an eye out for an upgrade notification:


“Fix for rare issue where Tablo could select an incorrect audio track for a broadcast”

Will this fix affect or correctly select SAP audio channels where the alternate 2 channel is properly labeled as English?


Tablo – Steve and Zippy. The new Firmware release 2.2.24 was installed yesterday on my box with success. No changes from the patch Tablo did on my box in October. KGUN is worth watching again, especially for sports. HOWEVER, TABLO will need to answer this one. KGUN announced yesterday that one of their OTA broadcast antennas will be changing frequency today (Nov 27) and reminded all viewers in NW Tucson to rescan their channels to pick up the new frequency. Hopefully, this change won’t affect the new release and fix.


Tablo Techs!

KGUN (ABC/9-1) announced yesterday that one of their OTA broadcast antennas in the Tucson area will be changing frequency today (Nov 27) and reminded all viewers in NW Tucson to rescan their channels to pick up the new frequency. Hopefully, this change won’t affect the new release and fix.



This shouldn’t undo the fix we implemented in 2.2.24.


Thanks much for the reply and great work to resolve the problem with KGUN.


It didn’t work for me. I updated the firmware, I still have the audio sync problem with Tucson KGUN and I’m watching the Texas/Oklahoma game in Spanish.


Same here in Fort Wayne IN. We have a low power station that carries MeTV. They somehow put the only audio for this service on an alternate audio sub. TVs do not have a problem with this and play fine. Tablo has no audio.


Even though this thread is called “SAP issues with Tablo” it’s not clear that what ever fix was made had anything to do with SAP.

Or if Tablo tries to handle SAP, just how it identifies what alternate audio channel it picks.

Of course my TV correctly selects the one channel that I receive where alternate audio 2 is properly labeled as English - but not tablo. For SAP on HDHomeRun you can manually select the SAP channel via the app.


Steve. Recommend you contact Tablo on Monday or send the support section an email to open a ticket on Monday. The latest firmware update should have fixed the issue with the Spanish broadcasting on KGUN-9 during national sporting events. May I guess that only the play-by-play announcing is what came in Spanish, while halftime, pregame, and all commercials were in English. The fixes corrected the issue on my box and also fixed the audio delays against the video feeds. It also corrected the audio issues with commercials where the audio would delay starting.


In the third quarter of the Texas/Oklahoma game it switched from Spanish to English, so that part seems to be working now, however the audio sync is still off. I’ll email support tomorrow, thanks.


That is a new one! In all the games on KGUN, I never had it switch to English when doing the play-by-play! I know the Tablo support team will be interested in it. It is a shame you didn’t record the game as they would have been interested in looking at it to see what caused it.


My wife and I are a Tucson based (4 Channel) Tablo box owner and continue to experience the same audio issues as described (throughout this thread) in posts above. ABC KGUN-9 audio signal we receive is either dominated with constant descriptive voice (for the blind) or in the case of watching Live Sports (via Tablo), the game announcers’ track is completely in Spanish, while all other audio elements (including commercials) are in English.

Please help.


Make sure you are running Firmware 2.2.24 on your system. I am guessing they use the same firmware for both the 2 channel and 4 channel boxes. If you are still having the issues, you may want to go to the Tablo website and open a ticket for the problem as it should have been corrected with the latest firmware update. Did you buy your receiver from Best Buy or Tablo?


I appreciate your prompt reply. We purchased it (close to 3 yrs ago) directly from Nuvyyo/Tablo, along with a lifetime guide subscription.

Interestly, within minutes of today’s post going up, in this thread, the problem abruptly ended.


We noticed a lot of comments in social media who where complaining about KGUN this afternoon with the same issue. Apparently KGUN corrected their audio feeds.


I’m going to open a ticket with Tablo too, but I have the same issue. And, you guessed it, I’m also in Tucson trying to watch ABC (KGUN 9). I record Modern Family and it plays the voice description track and there are sync issues between audio/video. I got excited when I saw there was a fix, but alas, my firmware is up to date and the problem still remains (latest recording 1/9/19).


kevint250. Please open a ticket with Tablo to get your issue fixed. The fix on my system really worked and made watching KGUN more enjoyable. When did you start using the Tablo and is this the first time you noticed the problem with the audio? In my uneducated mind, I am surprised at the number of issues popping up after the update was issued several months ago on all receivers. Could all these new issues be tied to the recent addition or change of OTA transmitting towers by KGUN? If I remember correctly, they recently added a new tower in the NW side of Tucson. Hope Tablo get yours issue fixed quickly. Added, but not related item, is one of these days I hope that KGUN will start broadcasting OTA in HD. They are the only major broadcaster in Tucson not!