SAP Issues with Tablo


Without tablo indicating how they handle SAP, when the audio feature is available, users are SoL when it comes to any user analysis.


I do have an open support ticket with Tablo on this issue and warned them not to tell me to go to the broadcaster since that is a total waste of time. Tried that and they brush me off and never return calls.
Besides, no other device has this issue, so it is something that Tablo has to fix. They can talk tech lingo to them about streams and metadata better than me.
There is another ABC tower just west of Tucson that works, but is low power and low resolution, I can pick it up if I point my outdoor antenna that way, but there is noting else over there that I want. As far as CW Network, I just can’t pick it up. I am on the east side and can’t seem to get the signal. Tower is 33 miles due south of me.

Sodaman_2000. I am getting SAP audio, not Spanish. But if anyone wanted the Spanish feed, they would be SOL with Tablo.


elbyj, funny that I do not get Spanish, but SAP instead. Are you picking up the west tower or Mt.Lemmon?
Is this just a hit or miss as to which audio stream Tablo uses?

Also Sahuarita is a lot closer to the CW tower than me.


I believe I am getting the signal from the Mt Lemmon transmitter. My antenna is omni-directional so it could be coming from either one. Like I have said before, when I get the sporting events in Spanish it is only the play-by-play. All other parts of the program comes in English like the pre/post game and halftimes events. But when the announcers are speaking Spanish, I do get the closed captions in English. I would have no idea of which audio streams Tablo is picking up from KGUN.


Just a quick update: we’re getting as much data as we can on this (with the help of those of you that are sending us tickets), and we’re trying to learn as much as we can about this behaviour. We hope to have more information soon.


Thanks very much for your assistance in this matter. One of the other posts made the comment concerning having two transmit towers for the same channel in the Tucson area. Not being the smartest engineer in the world, but could the antenna trying to receive signal from two towers have any effect on this issue?


It may be related. I’ll be sending you a PM shortly with some next steps for debugging.


Great News, Tablo development used my case to find the solution and now I do not have the problem anymore. They say the fix will be included in the upcoming firmware update.


No NDA for you eh? lol


Yes, thanks for all that technical information you plugged into your message to Tablo. They applied the fix to my box yesterday and I tested it last night on several KGUN programs. All the audio/video issues disappeared like magic. However, the biggest test is going to be on Saturday for the college football games when we find out if the fix resolved the national broadcast college football games to not have the play-by-play in Spanish!!


I guess persistence pays off, I knew it was something Tablo had to do.
The test for me was recording Modern Family last night. No more sync issues or SAP.


Here is what I sent Tablo this morning after the testing yesterday.

Okay – here is the status of the fix from the first day.
(1) – Watched three shows in the late afternoon on the ABC channel with the following results:
(a) Both my wife and I immediately noted the video and audio tracks were finally matched. No delays noted while watching shows – both live and taped.
(b) None of the commercials had a 3-5 second start delay in the audio track. The audio track started the same time as the video.
© Noted during Jeopardy that the closed caption on the screen was matching the audio track. In the past since this problem started we would always see the answer in the closed caption ahead of the audio track.
(d) Watched the local news on the ABC channel for the first time in many months and it was enjoyable not seeing the noticeable delay between the audio and video for the newscast team.
(2) We briefly watch a prime time “family” show on the ABC channel at 7 PM (PST) and did not hear the track for the visually impaired.

The big test still remains in watching a nationally broadcast sporting event this Saturday to see if we still have the Spanish play-by-play. What we have seen so far with the fix we really like and greatly appreciate your response and work on the issues. Hopefully, other Tablo users in the KGUN (9-1) viewing area also experienced the same results.


I’m sure just out of curiosity a lot of us would like to know how exactly this was resolved from the Tablo side of things. I’ve never encountered this particular issue but have been following the multiple threads on it with interest as to the root cause.


I’m sure tablo will eventually explain how they handle SAP.

It might be nice if you could specify to use SAP per channel. I have a couple of channels being broadcast from Mexico that have mainly U.S. produced shows. Thus the English alternate audio works great.

It gets a little tiring to only be able to use hdhomerun to watch and not record these channels


Today is the final test for the recent fix Tablo applied to our receiver box. I have already set up the DVR to record three different games on the local ABC channel (9-1, KGUN). I am guessing the first one will be a regional broadcast which for the past few weeks have been fine with no Spanish play-by-play. However, the national broadcasts are the biggest concern so we are eagerly awaiting the two afternoon games to see if the audio tracks are fine when it comes to the play-by-play. I told Tablo I was going to record the games anyway, just in case so they would have something to analyze in the event the fix didn’t work. I am just hoping the fix does work for the games. That way I will be able to remove the splitter from the OTA antenna and have to switch applications from Tablo to an antenna app on my TV to get the game in English.


I hope this works out for you, cuz that splitter is lowering TV broadcast signal strength.


So far, so good! The game at 9 AM (PST) was Oklahoma vs TCU which I believe was a regionally broadcast game. The game was totally in English. The game that started at 12:30 PM (PST) was Penn State vs Indiana. This game might be a regionally broadcast game, but it was all in English also. So we will wait until the 3:30 PM (PST) game to really test the fix.


Inquiring minds want to know…how did the 3rd game go?


The final test was just completed with viewing the 4:30 PM game with Ohio and Purdue which is a national broadcasted game. No issues whatsoever as all the play-by-play was in English. We are extremely happy with the work done by the Tablo team to resolve the issues with the KGUN (9-1) ABC broadcasts. Whatever they did – it worked!!! So all owners of Tablo in the Tucson area can now watch any nationally broadcast sporting event in English on channel 9.


I live in Tucson and have the exact same issues that elbyj has (had). What was the fix?