Samsung Smart TV App?

If you got a nice powerful computer to host your Plex Media Server, go with the Plex DVR. It makes the most sense.

However, I didn’t want to have a dedicated computer for my PMS so the Tablo won out. Not to mention the Plex DVR was 2 years delayed to market after the Tablo lol

Ha! Yea - seems like things are never quite deployed when promised! :slight_smile: I’m curious how the PMS Cloud solution is going to work. I know it is BETA right now but I am trying to get away from any hardware dedicated to serving up media too. If Tablo could just roll out a Samsung app would make things much easier.

Are all Plex Media Server features available on Plex Cloud?
Most of the core features are available at launch and we’ll be working to add some of the currently-unavailable features over time. Camera Upload, Mobile Sync, Cloud Sync, Media Optimizer, DLNA, and DVR are not available at this time.

Thanks for posting that link. Pretty disappointed to see the issues with AMAZON Drive issue is going to be stopper for using them with PMS Cloud. Knew that not all features would be available in the PLEX cloud initially but figured could use a desktop system in the interim to limp through for DVR functionality. Would likely just continue to run PLEX locally until the Cloud version became more complete. I do hope they go back to and can figure out the AMAZON Drive issue - most reasonable unlimited Cloud storage out there right now. Not as good with sync and app integration but don’t need that for big old media files.

Another option to consider is using a NVIDIA SHIELD to host your Plex Media Server and Plex DVR - this willl allow connecing the Shield directly to one TV.

The SHIELD can also run the new Tablo DROID software DVR engine if you want to stick with Tablo.

@TabSieg just an FYI. If you are a Plex Pass holder and get emails from Plex about upcoming features they sent out an email a few weeks ago about getting an HD Home unit for $30 off the normal price. I picked up mine with that offer and it arrived last week. I’ve tested it with the Beta Build and it works awesome. I’m just waiting for the Plex DVR to get out of Beta so that it’s available in the normal builds so I can install it on my FreeNAS box that runs my main Plex Media Server. Once that is in place my Tablo might just be history.

With the Plex DVR on your FreeNAS box, What playback devices are you planning on using for playback on your HDTVs?

I have all Samsung SmartTVs so I’m using the Native Samsung Plex app for playback on the TVs (again would be nice to have the native Tablo app here!).

@Spunky03 Thanks for that info. I don’t have a Plex Pass yet but I think I might as well given that I am pretty sure I will want to use the DVR functionality, and those discount deals definitely make it worth while!

Does the native Plex app on your Samsung TVs playback MPEG2 video? I’m just curious, or is your NAS box fast enough to transcode the MPEG2 video to h.264 video?

To be completely honest I am not 100% sure about if the Plex app can playback MPEG2 video or not. To date I have not found anything that it couldn’t play but as to if my NAS box is transcoding or not I would say that it is for somethings. I’m running on a dual socket Zeon Supermicro board with both CPUs installed and 32G of memory. When I have several users watching the load gets to about a 4 on the box. Since it just works I’ve never actually dug in and looked as to what it’s doing.

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Bought PLEX Pass today and looking for good price on HD Homerun. Bit bummed about going from 4 tuners on TABLO to 2 tuners on HD Homerun but happy to do it for a nice OTA DVR integration with my Samsung TVs through PLEX. TABLO box may be hitting eBay soon. @Spunky03 Do you know if multiple HD Homeruns can be added to the PLEX DVR?

Yes you can use 2 units with Plex so that’s 4 tuners.

It’s been answered but yes you can add as many units as you want to Plex according to the Plex forums. Users there are even asking about support for the Silicon Dust commercial units! :fearful:

Most users over there though are setting up 2 HD Homerun units. That seems to be the norm.

As for the Tablo hitting eBay you might want to wait until Plex DVR goes GA and is not Beta anymore. That is what I am currently waiting for. I’ve tested my single HD Homerun with the Beta and I have to say I’m very impressed. The integration is very smooth and I can control everything from one app.

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Will definitely hold onto the TABLO for a while. Downloaed the DVR Beta but have not setup yet. Just bought and installed a Seagate Personal Cloud 5TB NAS for backup purposes and happened across that PLEX can be run on that NAS. I understand that it is not a great solution when a lot of tanscoding is necessary but wondering how it might work out if I go with the HD Homerun Extend which has hardware transcoding to h264 built in.

I am just starting the process of cutting the cord on cable, as I am about to move. The house we are moving into comes with a Samsung Smart TV. Is this going to be a problem? I was planning on plugging in Amazon Fire Sticks on my other TVs (my understanding is that you CAN run Tablo app through that),

Can I just avoid this whole problem by treating the Smart TV like any other normal TV, and just run the Tablo App through the Amazon Fire interface?

Also - are all Samsung Smart TVs DNLA compatible? I was planning on using PlayOn to handle DVRing of live sprots through SlingTV - and that requires a DNLA-SmartTV if i chose not to purchase the extra Fire Stick.

The FireSticks shouldn’t be an issue but might be depending on your network setup at the house. The “stick” players are somewhat under powered for Tablo use and everyone here recommends their full sized counterparts for a better experience.

As there is no native Samsung Tablo app due to some issue the developers have getting it to work that I will never truly understand you will need some sort of player to view the Tablo content on the Samsung TV.

Depending on the Samsung TV generation and what firmware it has you should have DNLA ability but the recent firmware updates have cut back on what they can support. Mine used to be able to see my media servers directly and I could browse them for content but the latest updates seem to have disabled a lot of that. As I hardly use it anymore with my Plex Media server I can’t really say what the current state is.

Sorry, still no ETA for the Samsung app. We’re focused on a lot of Android projects at the moment.

The newer gen sticks are lot better than the 1st gen counterparts.

I’ve been using the 2nd gen Fire Stick at home and it’s doing quite well on a medium recording quality.

That being said, if you want to record at full quality, your network is flaky or you live in a house with wire mesh walls, lots of tile or mirrors, you’ll want the box to have the hardwired connection.

ANY new information on the Samsung app? I have 4 Samsung Smart TV’s waiting for the app!

@Spunky03 - thanks for the help previously. UPDATE: Picked up my HDHomerun Extend today (found a good OPEN BOX price), hooked it up and configured in PLEX tonight, tested on my Samsung through PLEX app and just took pics of my Tablo to sell on eBay. Also streaming live TV from HD Homerun with InstaTV app on iOS devices.