Samsung Smart TV App?

With all the talk of Apple TV and LG smart TV apps, I’m wondering if there is any effort to build a Samsung TV app as well…

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This was mentioned earlier in another thread some place as I too am VERY interested in this having 2 Samsung TVs.

It is being worked on but I am not sure of an ETA.

Anyone notice this trend yet?


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Yes, Roku is inching that way also. After all, what are tiles for? Just kitchen floors?

Reminds me of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451…


ATSC 3.0 broadcasting is meant to have two way communication based on a viewer’s profile and preferences. My eye! Just as the Internet has become “reader attentive” commercially speaking, expect ATSC 3.0 to become the same type of business medium. There is even a call now to design and create ATSC 3.0 apps targeting specific audiences and user profiles…


Yup, it seems to be the new way to market to captive audiences. Can’t wait to start seeing the pop up ads but so far my two TVs are free of additional ads. I have to double check but there is something you can disable in them to prevent certain add in content but I can’t remember the name of the app. It was designed to offer up extra information when it sees what you are watching. My only hope is there is an opt out for the new stuff like that so it can be turned or at least minimized in some way.


I just updated my F8500 (plasma’s last hurrah) firmware last night and the new overlay showed up (I was actually five versions behind… If it ain’t broke…). I’m pretty good at tuning out banner ads so as long as they don’t require me to click through them to get to my content/apps it shouldn’t be too big a deal. Start making me click through them and it will get irritating…

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@SGinAZ - We began work on an app for Samsung Smart TVs but ran into an issue with the Samsung firmware. We’re currently waiting on a fix for this.

Don’t let Kim Jong-un disrupt the effort…:rocket:

Wrong Korea!


I look forward to seeing the app released. Keep working! :grinning:

Hi. Any news on the status of the Samsung Smart TV app?


@Projectguy No updates right now - but we’ll be sure to post here or make a new thread if/when this changes.

Does this mean there is a chance you will not move forward with an app for Samsund SmarTVs?

Kim Jong-un says, “A temporary condition.”

A Tablo / Samsung Smart TV App would be awesome. We use Netflix on all Samsung TVs.

I second this! A native Samsung app would certainly go a long way to me keeping my Tablo after loosing the ability to use SurLaTablo to extract content.

This is a BIG +++++++ for me.

The availability of the Tablo app on Samsung tv will determine if I will buy a Samsung tv or Sony tv. I would prefer Samsung, because they are better TVs. So, please finish the app for Samsung and release it? What is the ETA?

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I have to add on to this request. I am moving (have started) to the Samsung SmarTVs and a native app for Tablo would fill in a gap for me. I have tried to use PLEX and the (unofficial) Tablo channel but that does not work well for me. Would love to see a native app for Tablo on Samsung SmarTVs SOON!! :-). Thanks!

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Don’t wait on Tablo. Just plan to have to buy a connected device to whatever TV works best for you.