Samsung Smart TV App?

I already have fire tv, but it makes harder for my wife to access Tablo on fire tv. She wants everything to be simple. No additional devices, just the tv. Sony TVs support android apps directly, but they are not the best TVs anymore. Samsung TVs are better!

Give an AppleTV a shot. Its much better experience than a FireTV. The app on the Sony is awesome, LG not so much. I am building a mini tv wall of 40" Samsungs for football so I am waiting as well for the Samsung app so I don’t have to run coax. I would love to know the status as well. I even tried writing the CEO to no avail. I’m ready to jump ship soon.

A Samsung TV app is sorely required. Samsung is one of most sold TV brands in the US and I have two Samsung TVs. A native app would be very helpful. It removes the need for additional cables, switching inputs on the TV and is a lot more convenient than having a Roku, Apple TV etc connected to the TV. Tablo please update on the status of the Samsung app.


@TabloTV A status update regarding this app would be very appreciated.

@sktablo - Sorry, no updates to share at the moment. Our dev team has been focused on a different project.

@TabloTV Thank you for the update even though it was not what I was hoping to hear! Can you clarify if having an app for Samsung is still on your agenda and if so provide a tentative time frame - this year, next 6 months etc.

@sktablo - There is still a gating issue with the Samsung app and I’m not sure if/when it will be resolved.

Developing for Smart TVs is quite difficult which is why development of apps for these devices often lags behind set-top-boxes.


I just purchased my Tablo. @TabloTV any update on the Samsung app? From this thread it looks like it’s been in development for a while. Also, being a new user just curious if your APIs are available to the OpenSource community?

Ping!! Come on Tablo, HBO and Hulu figured it out!

Came here to join the club longing for a Samsung Tablo app. There will probably be a wave of us getting new Samsung 4K TV’s, hoping to see an app. Keeping my fingers crossed they raise the priority of this project.

What is a “Gating” issue?

I can definitely understand the hurt if you already own a Samsung, and then acquire a Tablo. But with all the choices out there, why would you buy a Samsung, if you already own a Tablo, and there is no Tablo app for the Samsung?

Well, not speaking for anyone else but Samsung TVs rock. It’s all I buy anymore. I’ve tried Visio, LG, etc and always regretted it. Now I don’t even bother with the others. Just my $.02.

As far as the app goes it would be nice to get a focus on this again. They seemed to get the one out for LG and last I heard the issue here was being finger pointed at Samsung. Interesting though that Netflix, Plex and Amazon didn’t seem to have much trouble getting apps for Samsung to work. Just sayin.

I will definitely consider a Samsung the next time I buy a TV. I assume they have HDMI inputs for the Tablo viewing device of your choice. (I am hooked on Rokus now after using them.)

What is the “gating” issue?

Samsung Smart TV + Tablo - agree this would be good - one stop for both streamed and OTA.

My older Smart TV seems to have app glitches - i.e. BBC America App won’t load. Youtube won’t play. Hope the newer Samsung SmartTVs have this ironed out.

Would love focus on getting the Samsung app completed.

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Well this thread is over six months old now and no official update from @sktablo since October. How about an update on “gating issue” or are we just being strung along? I bought new Samsung last month knowing full well that it may never see a Tablo app, but there are other considerations. For $600 the Samsung UN55KU6300 has the best picture in it’s class, and the simple bluetooth remote and user configurable smart TV interface put LG and Sony to shame. the only thing I still use my Roku for is Tablo. PLEX has a beta interface for HomeRun OTA tuners that looks promising. If that goes mainstream before we get this app, my Tablo and Roku go to the recycling center.

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I second that. Starting to feel a little strung along here with this. Kinda like the restaurant with the sign saying “Free lunch tomorrow”. :frowning:

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Agreed. Was pricing out HD Home runs last week to use with PLEX DVR. Likely decide in the next couple weeks if it’s time to go PLEX.