Samsung Smart TV App?

More than eight months later and Tablo continues to give the same old tired excuses for why they have not provided us an app for the Samsung TV. “Sorry, still no ETA for the Samsung app. We’re focused on a lot of Android projects at the moment.” Apparently no one owns Samsung TV LOL its the same excuses as 2016. Do a search this has been an issue for over a year now.
Yet almost every other service is available via Samsung Smart Hub even the most the most esoteric and small applications have an native app for the Samsung TV. You can now find 169 video apps in the Samsung Smart Hub this does not include sports and the other categories. Its amazing how many applications are available in the Samsung Hub-----Yet Tablo has not figured this out in over a year and continues to make excuses apparently not even attempting to work on the Samsung app.

I have come to the same conclusion as others here on the forum that the Tablo Samsung app will never happen. I will follow TabSieg and the many others who have dropped Tablo for alternative devices. Anyone looking for a 4 channel Tablo 6 months old with a 2gb drive head on over to eBay.

Does TiVo have a Samsung Smart TV app for their box?

@TabSieg, I too have been running my Tablo and Plex DVR in parallel for about a month now and so far I am very impressed with the Plex DVR. Compared feature to feature it does everything Tablo does (I am not counting the viewing of live TV since it never really worked for me and I therefore never used it) and I have to say that I am close to an eBay listing for my Tablo unit. I am holding out for now until I try Plex DVR with an additional HD Homerun unit so that I can get an apples to apples compare (4 tuners to 4 tuners).

Any news on this front? I too would like an app for the native Samsung TV.

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Did I miss something- like an ANNOUNCEMENT?
I just completed my monthly Samsung Tizen-OS smart TV app search- nope, still no Acorn app. But hey- what’s this- the TABLO app was there, downloaded, and so far seems to be functioning well. OMG, is this supposed to be a secret?

We haven’t announced it yet because we’re still waiting for Samsung to approve the 2017 models.

Glad you’re enjoying it though!

WOOT! I might have to go out and get a new TV this weekend!

Slow your roll there! As I mentioned, the app hasn’t been approved for the newest models yet!

shhhhhhh…new tv…

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LOL… I suppose it can’t hurt to start window shopping :smiley:


WOW! Worked great on my 40" 2016 4K tv. FINALLY! SHOCKED! STUNNED!

Now, if you ever add remote login…I WILL BE VERY HAPPY.


Strange. We’ve had Acorn for a while but not seeing Tablo app.

You likely have a slightly older Samsung Smart TV using the Orsay Operating System instead of the newer Tizen OS. There is an Acorn app for Orsay but not for Tizen. (and this new Tablo app is there for Tizen but there isn’t one currently showing for Orsay)

Thanks for clarifying that. Set was built in 4/15.

Guess the question now for Support is will the new Tablo app support Orsay?

Sorry - just Tizen. :frowning:


Any idea how far we are from Tablo Connect supporting Roku devices?

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I just installed the app on my Samsung TV and it seems to work great but i noticed that i cannot pause or rewind the live stream. Is this a known issue or is there something wrong on my end?

EDIT: I can pause [recorded TV] with the OK key at the center of the direction keys and forward / reverse with left / right arrow keys. [Sorry- I’d not noticed the word ‘Live’ in your post. I don’t use Tablo to watch Live TV, so I’d not hit that. I just tried and I cannot pause live tv either]

I can NOT pause LiveTV either but everything else works pretty good. Seems a bit slow compared to my Plex but overall I like it a lot. Now we just need it for the other models in my house. :slight_smile: