Roku Vers. 7 build 9044 out - no LPW while watching recordings

My Roku 2 and 3 just updated to Vers. 7 build 9044. For the first time in a month, I was able to watch 30 minutes of a recorded program without a LPW. Hope this is the fix we have been waiting for. It was so nice to FF without a LPW.


Just saw it’s availability on my Roku streaming stick. Updating now and will be checking performance in a few.

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Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I think that particular build was aimed at a single problem - WatchESPN freezing on a Roku. The Release Notes suggest that was the only problem addressed:

“Today, we have an emergency patch release to address mainly a single issue.The new version is 7.0 b9044 and it addresses a crash problem with the ESPN channel.”

So if it somehow addresses LPW problems that some Tablo users have, it does not appear to be intentional. But then again, who cares about motivation if the new build resolves an issue. So hopefully some Tablo users with the LPW issue may catch a break.

Immediately after updating my streaming stick, I watched a half hour show and then a 1 hour show, fast forwarding through all commercial breaks. Didn’t experience a single lockup or a reboot, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

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Are you double dipping?

It’s in the vault.

I thought I got stuck in a revolving door going from one thread to another seeing the same post :fearful:

I have a recording that would reliably LPW after a FF. So far it hasn’t post update. If this does fix it I wonder if all those who went after @TabloTV as the source of the issue will apologize?


Wanna bet?

There … finally.

Now can we get back to griping about surround sound?


So my first LPW could be my last one?

rrreeeeeemote connection :imp:

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I want 5.1… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

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It would be fantastic if the fix worked for Roku users! But, I’d apologize first to the users that suffered through instability for months on end for the fact that Tablo’s marketing campaign targeted them primarily.

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Both of my Roku 3s got the update last night. For the first time in months, no LPWs, no freeze ups and crashes while watching Tablo (even with FF’ing through commercials), and a happy wife and daughter. I never had issues with Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu like some others have had, it was just Tablo that was problematic. I am not ready to say “problem solved” yet, but TV viewing life is sooooo much better in the last 24 hours. :smile:

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Just went around the house updating my Roku 2 and my two Roku Sticks. Performance during FF and RW is much improved. I was one not having LPWs but still the improvement is very noticeable.

Have had a similar improvement with the Roku V7 9044 firmware; Tablo FF behavior is better and I no longer get the YouTube lockups/reboots. Interestingly, I unchecked “enable fast live TV startup” and this actually improved the initial Tablo load time when watching a recording.

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I haven’t tested it extensively, but the 9044 update seems to be just what was needed. Watching a 30 minute show last night and had no LPWs.

I was also having issues with YouTube freezing and reseting the Roku. That didn’t happen this morning watching a 20 minute video.

Same here. Updated my Roku 4 last night. No issues yet. Everything worked great.

Write this down… Roku will acquire Tablo.

The silence while hawking Roku as the primary streamer to use, despite widespread problems. The silence around Roku working on a firmware / buffer fix. The lack of mention of the Tablo in the Roku change notes. It’s always smelled funny.

I’ll be $1.

It would make sense too - with HDHomerun getting into the DVR business, XB1 getting into the DVR business, etc. It’s a natural progression.

I called this in one of my first posts as well… I’ll put my dollar on Roku acquiring Tablo.