Roku 4 - Cycles "Loading, Please Wait" every 30-60 seconds

[UPDATE: Here’s a video of the problem:]

On the Roku 4 it keeps going to “Loading, Please Wait” while watching live streams.

This is happening on the “Tablo” and “Tablo Preview” app.

It’s direct connected to ethernet cat6 (1Gb)

It did happen while watching recordings, but not as often. When you watch live streams, it happens once every 30-60 seconds. It takes less than 2 seconds to continue.

Confirming that it’s not happening with the Roku 3 on the same network, same channel, etc.

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Well that’s interesting. I had that problem on the roku 3 and hoped roku 4 would solve it. I can’t be home right now so I set tablo on the highest 1080P setting to record the nfl games on today to see if the new roku could handle it. Guess I’ll find out tonight.

This is a pretty common complaint with the new Tablo 2.2.6 firmware and the Roku platform. You can read up on it at the following thread:

I’ve only had Two incidences today so far of “Loading… please wait” on my new ROKU 4. Happened in the 1st quarter and 3rd quarterof the Steeler game, lasted about 8 secs.

I’m using the 1080 @60fps speed setting … trying it out. Beautiful picture.

ROKU is hard wired.
My Internet speed 50/50
Firmware 2.2.6


I am experiencing the same issue on a Roku 4 but my Shield tv is great so far

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My Roku 4 is experiencing the loading, please wait every 30 to 60 seconds under these conditions.

  1. One channel is currently recording something.
  2. Playing a previously recorded show results in the loading, please wait every 30 to 60 seconds.

I found a workaround for the problem.
My Roku 4 is hard wired to the same gigabit Ethernet switch as my Tablo.
My Roku 2 (2015) has no problem playing the same show via a wireless connection.
My Roku 4 using wireless also has no problem playing back the same show.

It seems to be a problem with the hard wired connection on the Roku 4.
So… for now… try using wireless with your Roku 4.

Seems to be definitely related to LIVE streams. Watched a few pre-recorded things, and it was perfect on one, and hiccuped only twice on the other (1 hr shows).

When watching LIVE channels, it has the error literally every 1-2 minutes.

@Radojevic - i’ll try the Roku 4 on wifi. On the Roku 3, I had it on wifi for 2+ months and then after getting ethernet wired, on a wire for the last 2-3 months. Never had this issue.

The main question – is this Roku 4 related (quite possible – new product?) or is it related to the new firmware?

By the way - I’ve noticed the Roku 4 takes MUCH longer to start a “frame” after fast forwarding.

Posted in another thread, but feel like adding I’m seeing similar on Roku 3, so it could add credence to this being firmware and not Roku 4 issue:

I am having the ‘loading, please wait’ issue on live TV, opened below ticket with support:

I upgraded from 2.2.2 to 2.2.6 yesterday, and today am noticing, while watching a live football game, that I get caught in a continual loop. What will happen:

I’ll watch 5-10 minutes of normal playback,and then will see ‘loading, please wait’, be taken 15 seconds back in the playback, and it’ll restart from that point. It’ll play 10-15 seconds, and revert. If I go out and then back into braodcast, it’ll temporarily resolve, but later repeat (usually minutes later).

Worth noting:

  • I did not have this issue on 2.2.2 - exact same setup/configuration on my end
  • I swapped out my Roku 3 with Roku 2 (2015 version of Roku 2) and experienced same issue
  • Rebooted Tablo, issue persists
  • Downgraded recording quality from 5 mbps (was on this setting @ 2.2.2, no issues) to 3 mbps, rebooted Tablo, and issue persisted.

I do not seem to experience on recordings, just live TV.

Thanks for posting this. Using wifi, I had no issues whatsoever :wink:

We’ll take a closer look at the WiFi vs. Ethernet but can everyone try rebooting their network, then Tablo then Roku waiting 5 minutes in between and let us know if you still see these issues?

If so, let us know the exact combo of hardware and firmware you’re using so we can understand what’s happening.

Disconnected the ethernet – WIFI does not seem to fix it on the Roku 4 at least.
(no issues what so ever on Roku 3)

Latest non-beta firmware.
Using Tablo Software 2.2.6
Channel: 2.0 build 15

In fact, Wireless makes it much much worse.

The “Loading, please wait” now happens every 5-6 seconds, and it takes about 10 seconds to clear up (where as on ethernet, it’s once every few minutes and 1-2 seconds for it to clear)

Yes, you should use the reset button on the back. Just a quick press since a long press will do a factory reset.

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I do see this exact behavior too on my Roku 4. It happens both with live TV and recordings.

But what’s strange is it doesn’t always happen - some shows are fine. Makes it hard to troubleshoot.

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I agree it varies among programs and is hard to nail down. I recorded the UT-Alabama football game, and am seeing Loading…Please Wait" every minute or so on a Roku stick. Funny thing: I have not noticed any L…PW during commercials? Maybe a different transmission format between live football coverage and commercial broadcast? Maybe worth investigating?

Looks like the reboot did NOT fix it. It’s still happening.
It really looked like it was fixed for quite some time.

I updated (removed) the message about it being fixed by the reboot.

I had seen the “Loading, Please Wait” on very old firmware, and the 2.2.2 forward. I downgraded recording quality to 720P which reduces it.

Just upgraded to Roku4 and 2.2.6, still have the problem viewing previously recorded shows (1080) which used to work.

Not sure if this is related, but, when fast forwarding, I sometimes get a long delay too like some people mention. Seems to just sit there, and takes a minute to load or never loads. I discovered if after FF and a wait, if I FR back one frame, it plays instantly and smoothly through, when waiting on the frame would never return.

Makes me wonder, if ROKU app is getting confused on the frame fetch, and never getting to the right frame to play, so it fetches and refetches forever. Same could be happening on playback, where it confuses the frame it expects, and fetches the wrong frame until it unconfuses itself?

Reason for wondering, is that FR back a frame plays instantly - the frame is there when I never asked for that frame. I went one beyond it, and TABLO app never could start playing it, yet the previous frame is there in memory to play instantly. Could it be fetching earlier frames, by programming error on the ROKU app? And getting confused on the next frame to fetch on playback, only on the ROKU app, so sits “Loading, Please Wait” periodically?

I ask this because my network is super fast, ROKU 4 is fast and should be able to keep up, yet still seeing this error.

A quick Internet search seems to indicate most commercials (and some movies) were recorded at a 24 fps. Maybe that has something to do with the fact I have not seen the L…PW during commercials but do see it during a live football broadcast. It would be interesting to see if any Roku owner can document an L…PW during any commercial at any resolution setting.

I am going to record the 5:00 pm news on three separate networks at the highest resolution to build some test programs for replay on my three Rokus (Stick, 3 and 4). Two networks are at 1080i and one at 780p. Should be interesting.

Any broadcast engineers out there would like to comment?

Will do, but I’m curious to know what the reasoning is behind waiting 5 minutes between rebooting each piece of the network. Can you share that?

Does everyone agree that this appears to be an issue with the Roku app? I’m not seeing this issue when viewing through a web browser.