Received my DUAL HDMI - Initial impressions

Thanks for sharing your thoughts SteveB. We also have a Channel Master DVR+. It’s been a great unit. But it’s too bad the guide is no longer being supported. We still get the guide, but sometimes the scheduled programs do not show up, which obviously interferes with recording.

I was very excited to see that Tablo came out with the HDMI unit. I was leery of giving up the video clarity of OTA programs if we went with a different Tablo unit. I much prefer watching an OTA football game rather than streaming. But between your experience, and the fact that they won’t sell a lifetime subscription with these HDMI units, I don’t think this will work for us. Unless Tablo can fix these issues, it looks like Tivo is our only good option.

Another option is Plex DVR with Plex Pass. But usually best is you already have a Plex server, and of course, even better if you already have a lifetime Plex Pass. Then all you need to do is add a supported tuner card/device. It captures the raw ATSC mpeg2. But since it’s Plex, it will transcoded on the fly as needed to support your end device.

With that said, it can have its own issues. Because EPG comes along with Plex Pass, they have been struggling going back and forth with providers of guide data. Right now, I’d say about 30-50% of poster metadata isn’t going to be “there” while perusing the guide. But the text is there, so maybe not a huge deal. When it works, it’s pretty though.

Brief overview (I just made, so you’ll see the missing posters issue they are having right now):

Edit: this was captured off the output from my Roku… so this is the Roku Plex UI.

I’m reading this as we knew about the problem but released it anyway in order to sell more units during the holiday season. I hope I’m wrong.

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I also just received my DUAL HDMI after using channel master’s dvr+ for 4-5 years (and very pleased with it until the guide stopped working).

I really liked to be able to see the full channel guide while still seeing the live tv channel. We only see the current episode and the upcoming one with the tablo and have to jump out of the channel to see the full guide and that is annoying. Also when I click on a channel I just want to watch it and not click ‘watch’ everytime.

Anyways just my 2 cents. Otherwise pleased with it. Though menu on the left is too wide. Also could purchase lifetime subscription although it was stated I couldn’t with this box.

Didn’t you have to do that with your DVR+? I do with ours.

And will you be able to use the lifetime subscription with the Tablo HDMI? I believe it comes with a free month of guide service, so maybe that is what you are on right now. Was there any confirmation when you purchased the subscription that you would, in fact, be able to use it with the Tablo HDMI?

Another thing I found out recently is that in order to stream the HDMI to other TV’s on your network, you need to have the Premium Service. Do you know if that’s true?


Didn’t you have to do that with your DVR+? I do with ours.

Maybe, was it with a pop-up window though? Don’t remember already…but it seemed less annoying

Was there any confirmation when you purchased the subscription that you would, in fact, be able to use it with the Tablo HDMI?

I see 188.99$ on my credit card statement and Lifetime Guide Subscription CAD (CAD) in my account portal.
Only tablo product I have ever purchased. I do not have other smart TVs so can’t see if it works with other TVs

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I agree 1000%. The DVR+ would allow ANY screen to be an overlay over whatever you were playing at the time, recordings, complete screen grid, settings, etc. I loved that feature.

Each unit has pros and cons software wise and I haven’t got to that part yet.

I just want the Tablo to work… First things first.

Did your DVR+ guide stop working completely? Ours is still mostly working- just missing some programming slots (especially with all the changes to sporting events due to COVID). I was hoping the Tablo HDMI would be a good replacement. But based on what I’m hearing here, I think we’ll stick with the DVR+ a while longer.

Not completely but most of the time more than half of time slots would be unknown. I do not have performance issues with the Tablo HDMI but I’m using only 12 out of 29 scanned channels. Overall it works ok, just needs some getting used to

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Hopefully this is in active development… you find find post after post from TabloTV how “things are on their way” :clock1: :clock130: :clock230: :clock3: Aug '15 - Apr '15 - Mar 13 - May 4 - Dec '19, for example, then nothing :frowning:

NO, you don’t need the Tablo Premium Service you do need the Tablo TV Guide Data Subscription

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Also when I click on a channel I just want to watch it and not click ‘watch’ everytime.

Just select the channel number itself (not the show) and it should play immediately


That works, thanks

Any delay when switching channels? (since there is no need for transcoding buffering)

Yeah, 3-5 seconds

As with other DVRs, there’s still a moment as it writes to disk*, so as to be able to pause live TV, before it plays it back.

*or RAM if no drive attached, although not confirmed if this follows the new generation supporting this.

That’s much more tolerable than 8-15 seconds.

I’d like to see a video of this, I just figured it’d be instantaneous, especially for the TV directly connected via HDMI.

Not bad speed, but that remote is loud af lol