Allow Reorder of Channels in Guide

Since the channels live in software it should be possible to allow us to reorder the presentation of the channels in the guide. I’d like to group my HD network channels at the top, followed by those channels I watch less, followed by those I hardly watch. Since I’m in a metro area my guide has 62 channels. There’s no good reason I have to scroll and hunt for CBS just because it’s “number” is 42. If you can do this that would be great!


That’s definitely a popular request and something we would like to do in future updates.


…now that forum bookmarks can schedule reminders - a year into the future now, any new news on this popular request you’ve been wanting to do?

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I would like to add my vote for this feature, or allow for the creation of “Favorites” lists to be displayed.

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now it’s been 2 years since. Any update or comments? How far into the future you thinking?

…isn’t it cool how bookmarks can have reminders now :wink:

I guess my only comment is that I never had the desire to bookmark a forum posting let alone use any form of reminders. But to each thier own.

Nor have you ever started your own topic, but TabloTv, TabloSupport often make vague references and seldom follow-up …like comments to make someone feel good.

Yea, someday we might… but never say, we’ll it’s just not time yet - give it a couple more years.

I would like to see this too…
3 years out and all we got was MAYBE…Words are cheap…How about some action,

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when? seems like popular feature. check out they allow user to order the channels in sequence we want. please get this done.

Any update?

This would be a great feature. I never thought about it before but I would love to be able to put together my favorite channels right on the first page.