Any chance we get a watched recently / continue watching tab?

A recently watched / continue watching tab is the only thing missing to make my Tablo experience complete.
If we could have maybe the last 5 recordings that were watched, or ideally customizable from 5 last watched to 10/15
I could see something similar to what we see on Netflix or such, it makes you able to jump back in what you were watching more quickly and intuitively imo.
Any chance this gets developed in the future?

thank you and keep up the great work <3

We think that would be super cool as well and have spoken about how we would want to implement it.

I don’t have any ETA to share, but we are in agreement that it’s a thing we could and should do in future updates!

That was May 2020, now May 2023… is this still a “super cool” idea? and considered something they “could and should” do?

Or it is just something posted so users feel better and move along?

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