Received my DUAL HDMI - Initial impressions

Haha yes a bit…it’s new

Yuck… I can’t go back to 2 tuners!!! Hopefully they have a 4 tuner model in the works. lol

Or integration with existing 4 tuners would be da bomb…

Do you even understand the difference between the “Network DVR” and “TV connected DVR” (aka DUAL HDMI)?

It might be technically possible but it seems very unlikely. The only way to integrate the two I can think of is through the USB port which is USB 2.0. I don’t think there would be any improvement of video quality and it might even reduce quality on some devices.

That means the only advantage would be the HDMI output for the few TVs that can’t support apps and local control with an extra remote.

It would be a very small consumer market. That said if it were available there are a few that might buy it. Then only if they could keep the price down to compete with a more capable accessory like a Fire TV stick that could do pretty much the same thing and more without wires.

Then we come to support costs and people whining about video quality. It sounds like a money pit with no return on investment.

Yes I do and the Dual HDMI is network connected in addition to being HDMI. What I was proposing was that if the HDMI version could also display the content that was recorded on the 4 tuner since some of us have the 4 turner in addition to thinking about getting the HDMI version.

Now, “Do you even understand” why that would be a good thing?

Having one Tablo interface access another Tablo has been asked for in the past, like someone buying a second Tablo 2 tuner and wanting access to all 4 tuners from 2 units under one interface. Unfortunately we were told this was not possible (or not going to be done), and you would have to exit one Tablo and switch to the other Tablo.

Also given the DUAL HDMI records in MPEG2 format and the network DVRs record in h264 format, I still this rather unlikely. But who knows, guess we can all wish.

I suppose you could use a Roku to access the 4 tuner Tablo and the Tablo DUAL HDMI, but yes you’d have to exit and switch between the units to see different recordings, etc.

I wasn’t proposing to use the tuners in the 4 tuner. It would still be a separate entity.

Simply play the recording from the other tablo. I don’t think that would be too hard. All they would have to do is replicate the recordings tab of the web interface where you could select the 4 tuners recordings and play them.

So the current Roku app can access 2 Tablo DVR units separately, I wonder if the DUAL HDMI interface can do that natively? Back out of the UI and connect to another Tablo, it’s a good question for Tablo Support.

But then the question becomes does DUAL HDMI even have the hardware to play h264 video?

It doesn’t… The DUAL HDMI is really designed for watching on one TV with the option of connecting via streaming devices on other TVs if need be.

If you want to run multiple DVRs and connect to them from more devices, the network-connected Tablos are still the way to go.

From my point of view the question is will the DUAL HDMI work as as an OTA DVR…:frowning::frowning:

But can it secretly lock onto an RF channel and process 4 PLP stacks?

see that countless time – generally wishful thinking, with little supporting content.

You want to inter-mix… while keeping separate all the DB data for the recordings? Just play shows, not schedule or adjust settings?

Each may or may not all have the same channels or same programing have one app simultaneously access two different devices on the network, treat them as a single device -from one app/device, and sort programing. Decide which device you want to watch if there’s duplicate recordings, while still managing it’s self. Not too hard, but likely complex.

I’m sure it probably wouldn’t be too hard to take a tablo unit, including the HDMI model, which are designed as servers, and flip them around to be clients.

And the HDMI unit would be both a server and a client for recordings with different encoding and recordings formats.

I’ll have that coded up and ready for testing by Monday.

I’m not talking about intermixing anything. What if they just displayed the same thing on the HDMI that is displayed when you do a web into the 4 tuner. You could click on a show and it streamed to the hdmi box and displayed on the TV. They already have the how to etc on the web interface. What they would have to do is add a crippled web browser that could display and play the recordings on the other tablo/s.

You can call it “a WEB into a 4 tuner”, it’s still a server flipped into a client.

Wouldn’t it be easier for tablo to scrape it’s client software into a new $20 device that provided a unified view of multiple tablo servers. Of course that wouldn’t be HDMI attached versus ethernet connected.

For years there was enough multi-tablo users that wanted a unified view to justify that sort of solution. I have 3 tablo’s, I still don’t need a unified view. I know where recordings are and what I want to watch and which unit I want to record on.

I can’t get the web app from the tablo’s HTTP server already… but all they have to do is?

but not add the web app to current tablo’s? This HDMI is nearly a “proof of concept” that tablo’s HTTP server can not only stream, but server HTML/CSS/JS etc (obviously).

embedding a “web app” is over the top, but no big deal to have tablo’s communicate with eachother?

It’s been mentioned before that the server software stack is probably provided by pixelworks.

It could be the LAMP, LLMP, or(?) stack.

Being a server, tablo responds to client protocol. So you expect the server to implement client protocol?

$ http --header tablo1.lan
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET,POST
Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Content-Type,Range
Access-Control-Max-Age: 86400
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/html
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Length: 55
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 03:02:54 GMT
Server: lighttpd/1.4.41

it runs lighttpd very likely from it’s Linux based OS.

Hey @SteveB - An update is on the way:

We believe this should address the initial concerns you raised. Let us know how it goes!