Quick delete multiple items

I would love to be able to quickly remove a number of items, which I can only do one at a time, now.

I don’t know what the best mechanics might be, but perhaps a long press on an recording could pop up a check box style selection window where you can select multiple items and then “Delete Selected” items?

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I would love to, with 1 button click, mass delete all watched recordings, not just ones from one series.

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You are correct that currently you can’t selectively delete a group of recordings using just your Tablo.

However, there is a way to do this using third party apps. I personally use Tablo Ripper developed by @CycleJ primarily to rip recordings from Tablo to be permanently saved to my NAS for viewing with Plex. Tablo Ripper is also capable of selectively deleting one or multiple recordings. It is simple to use and much quicker than deleting recordings one at a time.

Maybe someday this feature will be added, but until then I’ll just use Tablo Ripper for that task.

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One more way to delete some but not all recordings on a per series basis is to temporarily enable the ‘keep x’ advanced recording option.

It’ll automatically delete all but the the last X recordings when you enable it.

What does it run on? Windows won’t work for me but Android does, and I likely can figure out how to run it from Linux on my Chromebook.

The gyms just opened up in my location. I think I’ll stick with the old school way. It’s good for keeping my fingers limber.

It’s not like there isn’t enough going. Tablo features might be the least of my concerns.

Yes, Tablo Ripper is a Windows program, but there are several other third party apps that run on different operating systems. Just check this forum for third party apps and I’m sure you can find something that will work for you.

SurLaTablo, which maybe takes a bit more to configure, should work if you have python2 (required for now).

It can do deletes based on pattern matching.

Both APL Tablo and tablo-tools are GUI apps which run on multiple platforms while capto is CLI linux based, all of these allow for mass delete. as well as the previously mentioned SurLaTablo

OTA2GO is an android app - I have no experience and no knowledge of it’s features.

ota2GO does NOT allow you to delete recordings from the Tablo.

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Well, IMHO it should be built in. I often watch 1 local and 1 national news, but I record them all. I simply want to delete all 6 of these, just a simple example.

Why not enable ‘keep x’ on news recordings then? If you set it to keep the last 1 or last 3 the Tablo will do the work of deleting the older news programs for you.

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