Program guide only 24 hrs though I have lifetime subscription

Hey Everyone,

I have a small issue that I was hoping to get some help with. I have a lifetime subscription but my program guide only goes 24 hours ahead.

I have tried downloading the guide in the settings but there has been no change.

Am I mistaken that I am supposed to be getting 14 days of the guide? If I am correct, how can I fix this issue?

Thanks Guys!

The program guide data is 14 days worth, and the original Tablo app utilizes all 14 days.
However, the Tablo Preview app currently only utilizes 1 days worth, and will utilize more days in a hopefully soon update.
Is that what you’re seeing?

The Live TV channel guide (on all platforms) displays the next 24 hours worth of program information. As stated above, the Tablo device utilizes 14 days worth of program information to facilitate scheduling of recordings.

Forgive me, but I’m not sure I am understanding what you’re Saying. If I AM understanding correctly, I am referring to the grid under [ Live TV ]

And I am using the android tablet app

Yes, you will only ever see 24 hours in the live tv grid… Unless they decide to open that up. However, you have the full guide data that can be used for Prime TV, etc

I see :confused: I thought it was available in Grid view. Would be nice both ways but not a bad thing I guess. Thanks guys

If you click on movies, you will see all movies that are airing for the next 14 days and can schedule them. Same thing for TV shows.

The reason the live tv grid doesn’t have 2 weeks of data is because it would take too long to load. As the Tablo gets more and more optimized, the developers may be able to figure out how to get all two weeks on there in a reasonable time.

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Ya, I’m not buying that reason. It’s only text, it shouldn’t take that long to download nor take up that much space. Somebody in power at Tablo thinks this is a good idea (it’s not, obviously) and nobody has the balls to tell them its a crappy idea to only have 24 hours of tv grid. I’m setting here right now at 7pm and I just browsed the grid for primetime. There was nothing good on tonight, how about tomorrow, oh wait, I can’t check tomorrow. Just Stupid.


There are better tools out there and I don’t understand why anyone would want the Live TV grid on the Tablo DVR to have more than 24 hours.

I use Zap2it in a web browser and I can get 2 weeks of programming.

I also prefer to view >24 hours in the grid. I understand that I can see all the prime time shows in another tab; but there are times that I want to browse the grid and see what’s coming in the next few days and schedule the recordings right there, which is something I used to do on the Windows Media Center. If performance is the issue, then maybe default to 24 hr display and have a button on the grid page with the option to show extended listing.

FYI, a feature request has already been submitted back in October: Extend Live TV Grid data to > 1 day

Instead of having Live TV be more than 24 hours, they could add another section that says TV Guide and have days 2-14 available there, with an option to select it to schedule for recording. It could be designed similar to Titan TV. The problem with the TV Shows and Movies search is you have to know the name. If you select channel, it list the shows but NOT what day they are on. They could add a day option somewhere. It appears Tablo wants us to think of shows instead of days. A feature, like 5.1 sound that MOST, if not all besides Tablo have.

I agree with that, and I consider that a very modern interface. The Tablo folks want us to think about the Tablo more like Netflix than the old school DVR. All the shows in the next two weeks are listed and sorted in various ways.

I prefer the Tablo way of doing things.

I prefer the TiVo way of doing things - it displays the guide out like the OP wanted.
But, yeah, there are ways on the Tablo to get what you want - just not as easy as it is on the TiVo.
I still do like my Tablo :slightly_smiling:, but the TiVo really shines.

No doubt that the way Tablo has is very modern and slick and I really like it. But there are times that I do prefer an extended listing in the grid for convenience, and Tablo can stay ahead of competition by providing the interface for both modern as well as traditional needs :slightly_smiling:

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Exactly…that way you don’t have to look at Titan TV, see a special is coming in a week, then have to search for it on Tablo and schedule it. IF Tablo had a two week schedule, we could see a special is on and schedule it then, without having to search for it.

The other advantage of the grid is that you can easily see how many tuners will be in use at any given time so you can plan your activity accordingly at a glance.

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When will more than a 24 hour grid be available for paid subscribers?

Probably never. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on a future feature list.

Well just my thought, but why if you can’t see more than 1 day without a workaround, would you want to pay for a guide? Don’t you get one day free anyway? Just means you have to find a work around, but wait you have to do that anyway.