Extend Live TV Grid data to > 1 day

Would it be possible to have at least several days of programming data on the Live TV grid? I understand that we can search any shows within 2 weeks, but it’s also convenient to have a grid view of programming for the next few days. Thanks!

The newer Roku app does this.

Speaking of the ROKU, does the new one have any build-in upconversion features built in? I have 2 of the ROKU 3’s, but I usually don’t use them in the home theater because quite a bit of my older content is DVD rips and they look better played through the Samsung Blu-ray as it does do upconverting pretty well.


Are you talking about the Preview Tablo channel? I still have only 24 hours of data in Live TV grid.

Ah dang, must only be the Beta :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out tablo firmware 2.2.x and Roku tablopreview 2.0.15

I’m on 2.2.6 and Roku Tablo Preview 2.0.15, and I can only see 24 hours of data when I scroll all the way thru to the right. Am I missing something?

Read the thread

I tried that in Roku, Nexus Player, and Chrome browser and they all show 24 hours of data only. So it doesn’t sound like Roku was behind on that feature. Has anyone seen >24 hours of grid data in any platform yet?

So why wouldn’t you ask in that thread exactly all the features you are looking for and in what order they will be released. I used that thread to inquire about the progress on the sports and movie menus.

Because the title of that thread was Roku Preview, and the feature I’m requesting was not just for Roku. I’m hoping we can have this feature be generally available in all platforms.