Please tell me why this isn't fixed yet

I had ask from your first post, where did you get the missunderstanding this needs fixed? or is getting fixed?

“All I know is”… it worked on other systems. “Doesn’t make sense.” -to you. In TabloTV’s post they admitted it’s “deeply technical and nerdy”. " It’s not a high priority on their list" still not sure what happened 2yrs ago suggesting it was in the works – can you elaborate?

Now you’re telling users it’s a known bug. #FakeNews :poop: Their explanation suggest it’s by design, good or bad.

Not every device operate the same. Each have their own feature set, one lets you talk to it and knows all activity inside your household, another allows you to use a variety of devices.

To be clear, a subscription is more than guide data, it includes advanced recording features and scheduling features. for < $5month