Scheduled recording stops Live TV

@BobA2Z We totally understand why this would be very mysterious behavior. The reason is deeply technical and nerdy but we’ll try to explain it here for everyone…

Playlist files for streaming TV come in two flavors:

  • Live (with no set end point)
  • Pre-recorded (with a set start and end point)

There is no technical way to convert a live playlist to a recording playlist. The live playlist must end and a new playlist must be started for the recording.

At the moment, the Tablo doesn’t understand that you’re watching the channel you’re about to record so it will go about its business of ending the live playlist and kicking off the recording.

The only exception is the Roku app, which will pause, let you know the interruption is coming and resume your live stream in a matter of seconds.

We’re hoping to bring that same capability to our other apps to keep the behind-the-scenes technical requirements hidden and give the viewer a more seamless experience.

In the meantime, you can resume that program from the Live TV grid or from the Recordings tab.

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