Please tell me why this isn't fixed yet

Or if you had been, the “live playlist” is unaware of any start time for programing. It starts recording - transcoding, at an arbitrary point in time, irrelevant of shows.

I found a work around for Google TV users. Just click on the program to record, change the end time to the actual end time and then create isn’t greyed out anymore. This works and records the show. Still no fix for Roku. This is easily fixable by the Tablo engineers. They just refuse to do it. Well you know I think of them…

You can always call them and express this opinion verbally to them.

Holy Cow I thought he was “I’m Done”.

I guess he could brush up on his brightscript skills and volunteer to fix the Roku app.

Sorry, I just have no respect for a company that won’t fix a known bug. Now “I’m done”.

Have you asked them if they consider it a bug? It might not be and it might be their intention to work that way without a subscription.

I had ask from your first post, where did you get the missunderstanding this needs fixed? or is getting fixed?

“All I know is”… it worked on other systems. “Doesn’t make sense.” -to you. In TabloTV’s post they admitted it’s “deeply technical and nerdy”. " It’s not a high priority on their list" still not sure what happened 2yrs ago suggesting it was in the works – can you elaborate?

Now you’re telling users it’s a known bug. #FakeNews :poop: Their explanation suggest it’s by design, good or bad.

Not every device operate the same. Each have their own feature set, one lets you talk to it and knows all activity inside your household, another allows you to use a variety of devices.

To be clear, a subscription is more than guide data, it includes advanced recording features and scheduling features. for < $5month

Yes and basic includes manual recording.Its not any advanced feature. It’s not letting me record what’s on manually. Fix the bug!!!

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I can do it.

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