Please tell me why this isn't fixed yet

Please tell me why that after two years you still can’t record a show that is in progress? In Roku the only choice you get is to create a repeating program. I don’t want to do that I just want to record the show that is currently on once until the end time of the show. But no option for this. Ridiculous. In Google TV if you try to record a show that is currently on, the create is greyed out until you change the time and then you think it would show the end time but no, it shows and hour into the next program. You have to manually change the end time. The only way to record a show that’s currently on to the end of the show is with the Android phone app or on a web browser. So you can’t blame this on just one platform. It doesn’t work correctly on two platforms (I haven’t tried Apple or FireTV). And its been like this forever. I’ve had my Tablo for over a year and a half. What the heck have you all been doing if you haven’t figured a way to fix this yet. RIDICULOUS!!!

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You can do this on the Roku. If a show is currently live streaming, back out to the live TV grid, select the show playing and hit “OK” button on your remote. Then hit “Record Episode” which is to the right of the “Watch” button. This just records the currently playing episode, it doesn’t schedule a recurring recording.

What is the exact model number of your Roku?

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You see that’s the problem. You only get options to Watch the show, Create repeating manual program or cancel. Only if you go to a show in the future do you get the option to create one-time manual program. It’s a Roku TV 7203x,model LC-55LBL59IU software version 10.0.0. That doens’t matter though because its the same thing on my bedroom Roku TV.

On Google TV the create is greyed out. Its a mess on there. Only way you can do it is to go into the time and edit the exact time. All other DVRs I’ve had it was so easy. This is a mess and it’s been like this forever and it never gets fixed. I have to go to my phone to do it. Ridiculous.

I have a Roku Premiere+ Model 4630 running Roku OS 10 and the button beside Watch is “Record Episode” which only records the current airing episode. I repeat it does not schedule a recurring recording for the show.

This is what I see on the Roku when I select the show from the live TV grid.

After I hit record episode and it records only that specific episode this is what I see. Again, it does not create a recurring scheduled recording for the show.

Wait, very important question, do you have an active guide subscription for the Tablo?

No I don’t have an active guide subscription. But I’ve got the one day guide. All the program info is right there on the screen. You mean to tell me they are going to make this non-functional for me because I don’t have a subscription? Well if that’s the case the heck with them. And why would they let me do it on the phone app but not on the Roku or Google TV app? This is a bug if I ever saw one. They just won’t fix their apps. And if they want to play that game then I have no respect for the company.

Who knows. Maybe the bug is that they let you do it on the phone app in the first place.

Ding ding that’s the problem since without a subscription you can only create manual recordings.

Hopefully they add this functionality you want, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Tablo makes a great product and they continue to support it and make improvements, maybe splurge for a lifetime subscription to allow them to continue to invest time and money into furthering the device. I’ve had a Tablo for 7 years, the lifetime sub is well worth it.

Heck no. I’m on my second one after the first one’s wifi went bad and then it went bad on my replacement unit. I’m about done with Tablo.

If 2 units went bad, wouldn’t you be on your 3rd Tablo?

Clarify: in order to “record” an in progress show complete, you already need to have been watching it from the beginging via Live TV…?

I can get similar in non-Roku, Play/Watch | Record – Personally I have no idea if it’d record a show if I had started watching from the start, probably not (?) …but has similar option as you describe.

Can you reference where it’s noted this is “broken” and on the list

Here’s a post from TabloTV trying to explain why watching Live TV creates a playlist technically different from a recorded playlist. Tablo’s design makes an on-the-fly recording …a technical challenge:


There is no technical way to convert a live playlist to a recording playlist. The live playlist must end and a new playlist must be started for the recording.

Seems to be a misunderstanding as to what’s getting “fixed:neutral_face:

Nope, you could start watching a live show 35 minutes into it, then back out to the live TV grid and set the episode to record. But of course it will only record from when you hit record. Even if you were watching live TV from beginning, it only records from when you hit record, it will not record from the beginning.

I had to go out and buy a powerline adaptor so I could hardwire it to Ethernet.

I don’t know the technical aspect of it and obviously they don’t either. All I know is I never had a problem doing it with past DVRs. And why can it be done on the android phone app but not these streaming apps. Doesn’t make sense. It’s not a high priority on their list. And obviously they don’t care about people who bought the unit but don’t want to subscribe. I don’t watch much broadcast TV aside from a few news programs so I have no desire to subscribe.

Actually, I think the link above explains they (Tablo) DO know the technical aspect of it.

Comparing to your past DVRs. you need to make sure you are talking apples and apples. Did those past DVRs record the MPEG-2 stream directly or transcode it? Unless they were also transcoding like the Tablo does it’s not a fair comparison.

I agree with this. Tablo has explained the technical reason why when you want to record an in progress live show it does not record the previously watched portion (the beginning of the show).

Look, then tell me why it can be done on the android app and not the other apps? Doesn’t make sense. It’s not a high priority for them to fix this

What I said above has nothing to do with your “feature request” for the UI on a Roku when using a Tablo without a valid subscription. It speaks to another “issue” that others have brought up.

If you get a subscription, the Tablo will do what you want as I explained in the first few posts in this thread.

Feature request my azz, this is a basic function of any DVR. I’m done with this POS company and their lazy azz engineers.

Right, you can always record a partial show.

Thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood this was suggesting it would creat a completed recording …if you had been watching since before the show began.