Player Error - Could not play live stream

Player Error - Could not play live stream

Seeing this much more often since 2.2.8 IIRC? My workaround has been to go play a recording and/or try a different live channel for a second or two and then go back to the desired live channel. It usually pops up that way.

Unfortunately, that technique refused to work this past week when I wanted to watch some local news for weather, transit information.

I finally launched good old EyeTV with it’s Dinosaur Mpeg architecture and watched (with gross pixelation) what I needed to watch/hear. Ugh!

Searching this error I found a few similar reports but nothing exactly like this. Suggestions, ideas? Open a support ticket?

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I got channel does not exist on my NP this morning. Went into guide, unchecked then checked channel then it worked.

I received a similar error multiple times last night while watching live TV via an Amazon Fire TV. The playback would pause and the error would come up. I could hit the play button on the remote and it would resume playback. I didn’t count the occurrences, but it must have happened at least half a dozen times over an hour or so. Very annoying.

My experience the past couple weeks has been similar to what shiner describes. Some days I never see the error, other days it pops up and halts live play two or three times over a few hours. No rhyme or reason that I can see.

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Has there been a fix for this yet? I’m getting this error everytime I try to remote stream over cellular for the last couple weeks. When I hotspot my phone and use my tablet it works fine.

Do you get this error on your phone when trying to watch locally?

No only remote streaming. I just did as OP suggested and try a different channel then go back and it works. But I had to try 3 different channels before I could get a stream going.

What is your remote streaming quality? I have never seen this error at Full Quality.

Also, are you recording other things when you try to view the live channel?

Usually 500 or 750. Not high. No not recording while it happens either.

You said you had to try 3 different channels before it worked, I assume you have a dual tuner Tablo?

No its a single tuner. I’ve had my tablo for over a year now and have never had this issue until a few weeks ago. Sometimes trying different channels work and sometimes not. Switching between different streaming qualities tends to work until there is a buffering issue then requiring me to close the app. Once I open it back up and it does’t work again. Very frustrating. Could be watching the Superbowl right now but instead listening to AM radio.

There is no such thing as a single tuner Tablo. Do you not have a hard drive connected to your Tablo?

If you don’t have a USB HDD connected to your Tablo this is why you cannot stream remotely at any qualify lower than Full Quality. The Tablo needs to record the stream at the recording quality you set so say at 720p 5 Mbps, then when you want to watch remotely on you phone it also re-encodes this said video to the lower 750 Kbps for your phone. This requires a hard drive.

Its the dual tuner my bad. Yes there is a HD connected.

Its a WD 5000BEV External 1.75 500gb

@jlowe101 If you’re still having this issue, send our support team a note. We’ll get you fixed up.

If TabloSupport is offering, I may take ‘em up on a look-see if this can be improved? I mostly stream over cellular on Wednesdays and this has still been popping up almost every attempt to watch LIVE.

Recorded programs always play but LIVE is very iffy. The past week I basically gave up and streamed People vs OJ on FX app during my break.

@enyapeoj Sorry - just saw this. If you’re still seeing this now, the best way to get ahold of our support team is to send over a ticket.

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No problem, thank you! I sent in a service ticket yesterday not realizing our respective holidays, haha… I’ll post an update once I work with someone in Support.

It’s been going on for months and as recently as yesterday. As long as I pull up recordings it streams practically all of the time. I rarely do LIVE TV but for some days it’s nice to see a bit of current/live news/weather/traffic before heading out on the town (NYC).

btw, your support link doesn’t open with my Chrome settings. I don’t think I need it but FYI some people might be using similar browser setups?

I am still having this problem. I cannot play live TV remotely. I can play recordings - that is very reliable, but I am almost never able to play live TV. It maybe works 5% of the time. Seems if I power cycle the tablo, then it will work for a couple days that is only thing that helps.

Twice recently the Tablo came up in conversation and I take out my phone it show it off, thinking the problem is solved and instead I am simply greeted with ‘Player Error’ - same screenshot as above. All other aspects of remote access work - recordings, viewing guide, changing settings, etc…

I’ve been in contact with support since February to no avail (#15188). They’ve finally responded that they don’t have any solution. Did anyone else in this thread figure it out? Asking since I notice an absence of recent posts - gives me hope someone figure out the issue.

I get it once in a while, and if I immediately try again, it works. Might depend on connection. I was in a car moving (not driving)