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Ever since update to 2.1.18 I have to reset my Tablo 4-tuner every few days.  Before that everything ran smoothly.  Gets to the point I can select a recording, but it won’t stream anything–just the spinning wait indicator…

Sure would be nice to have a software reset somewhere in the app/web app–my tuner is in the basement with all the other networking gear.  Sure would be nice to not have to make the trip down there to reset the device.  Of course, it would be even nicer to not have to rest the device at all.  :)


@imstillalive Very odd. It sounds like the Roku channel is locking up the stream itself somehow. Can you reproduce this each time? We’ve been doing some testing with Roku the last few days but we’ve been having a hard time reproducing some of the issues folks are reporting.

@rbw Feel free to send me a note - we’ll take a look at your Tablo and fix this up.


I’m having a similar issue. Every 2-3 days my 4-tuner Tablo locks up in a different way. In my case, existing recordings can be played back perfectly fine but Live TV is no longer working (Web App or Roku) and scheduled Recordings are failing. These issues are always rectified after I’m rebooting the Tablo device. This never happened before the 2.1.18 FW upgrade.


Chromecast support not working. Only get about 30 secs of video before it hangs with the Web app “Buffering” forever.

This was with a recorded show. Not live TV.

I believe I have the latest firmware update.



Two quick things to check/change from the Tablo web app at - try the 720p Chromecast/Roku option under the Recording Quality menu. One thing to note: this will not change the recording quality on old recordings - any changes/improvements will only show up for new recordings and live TV.

If Live TV seems to be a problem for Chromecast playback, you can also uncheck the ‘Enable fast live TV startup’ toggle at the bottom of the Settings page on the Tablo web app at


I am looking at recordings of NBC News recorded today, Dec 29, and the text provided by Tablo says the record date is Dec 30.


The times in the meta data are in GMT/UTC timezone.  In case this is what you are seeing.


I replace my original Chromecast with a Nexus Player which supports 802.11ac which made all the difference.  Moving to the 5 Ghz band seemed to do the trick.


@Charlie Interesting - glad to hear it. Hopefully we’ll see 5Ghz implemented into the Chromecast experience soon.


Recordings are all jumbled.  The same whether through Tablo web or Tablo channel on Plex under Roku.  Selected The Good Wife, and the Sherlock Holme show started.  Selected Sixty Minutes, and Madam Secretary started.  Found Good Wife under something else.  Ideas???


Bad OTA signal? Does Live TV play properly?

Try power cycling the Tablo.


I think he means that the image or link goes to the wrong show, not that the shows play badly. Click on Good Wife and instead of that, Sherlock started to play, etc.

Jumbled in that the links go to the wrong things, but the play itself once started is fine.
I Believe that’s what was meant by jumbled…

It could be like choosing the support topic area here but instead being taken to off-topic messages. The forum would read correctly, but you’d be in the wrong forum.


Saw a similar thing yesterday. Clicked on Madame Secretary and The Good Wife played. Clicked on The Good Wife and Blue Bloods played. 


What device were you using? PC or phone or tablet?

Is it perhaps you are on the edge of a time zone change? 
Are these shows next to each other in time frames?


@oldmike @alexbunk

Try deleting the Tablo from the web app and re-syncing. Same problem? If so, let me know. We’ll get you fixed up. 

To delete your Tablo from the web app, select Disconnect, select the ‘Tablo’ name, and then tap the red X and confirm.


I’ve been using my Roku3 which is my primary device for watching Tablo recordings so this has nothing to do with the web app.


@alexbunk Are Madame Secretary, Good Wife and Blue Bloods all on the same channel? It could be a timing issue instead… Feel free to PM me or send me a ticket with your MAC.


@TabloSupport  Yep, they’re all on CBS. Let me check if this happens again next week before I create a ticket. Maybe the Guide data was wrong?


Here CBS it’s Hawaii 5-0 then Blue Bloods.

Sunday is Madame Secretary then Good Wife (if I recall correctly)
That’s why I asked about time zones, ZIP codes and all because there could be program guide issues. 

How does the Tablo get it’s time specific to your own location for use by itself and the program guide display in a browser? It sure seems to keep current!


@shadowspapa - The Tablo gets the time zone and zip code when it is set up by the iPad app or html, etc etc.  It uses ntp to keep accurate time.