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I just got another one, I can only guess at a couple of these…


9 out of 12.

There are only two series that I have the complete DVD collection - Andy Griffith and Seinfeld.

I could tell what Aunt Bee’s line is because she was the only one who would say, “Oh hush up Andy.”

BTW here are the opening and closing scenes of “Return to Mayberry”

What a fantastic website!

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I can get 15/18 on a Gilligan’s Isle questions… Those Mayberry were too specific for me. Some are way too easy, others are impossible.

I’m not always sure how to feel about my score. :neutral_face:

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I was guessing on over half of these, evidently my guess factor was strong.

Not sure why these keep popping up…

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Here’s one for ya. What Academy Award winner appeared in the Andy Griffith Show? No googling…

Ron Howard?


I had another one in mind but Ron Howard did win an Academy Award. So there were actually two Academy Award winners on that show. There is a second one…

No it ain’t Floyd the barber!

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I know Don Knotts should have won (or has won) various awards for a variety of categories! and accomplishments!!

Here’s a hint: he became a “SHINING” star…

Ah - Jack Nicholson


Yup, he appeared twice on the show. The one where he is arrested and taken to court (Aunt Bee is on the jury) is a classic.

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If we are doing no Google TV trivia then game on…
Let’s play fair and beyond that let’s mix it up from softballs to obscure
Here’s a middling difficulty question:
Who played Alice on the Brady Bunch?

That’s an easy one.

Ann B. Davis

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Ok harder now and sticking with the Brady Bunch:
Who did Bobby kiss and see fireworks?
And the bonus, who was the actress who played her?