Not recording shows


So far the Tablo has NOT recorded 2 shows that should of been recorded.
Example, was 9-1-1 on Monday, it showed it was New and didn’t record it.

Last time this happened was for AGT and didn’t record that as well.

Why does this happen and how can I fix it going forward?

Now that you mention it, it doesn’t look like 9-1-1 recorded for me yesterday either. In fact, even though I have it set to Record New Episodes, it doesn’t show next week scheduled to record even though it’s a new episode but it does show the week after that as scheduled…

Could this be a guide error @TabloTV? I ask because 9-1-1 recorded as scheduled last week so something has changed since last week.

Thanks for posting! Good to know I am not the only one… I hope support can chime in…
Again, this isn’t the only show for me and I am worried about the future.

I remember having an issue with an episode of AGT this summer. Can’t remember which episode.
Same thing @Nilex said happened back then too. I had to setup to record all new, was not scheduled to record the following week after that missed episode (had to set to record separately), but was OK after that. I seem to recall thinking it was a guide issue.
I have Hulu so we were able to get caught up – just had to endure the commercials!

I’ve had similar issues with other shows. I had to remove them from the schedule and put them back.

It looks as though both are marked as new so that is quite odd.

Worth touching base with support directly so they can take a closer look:

Anyone else still having this problem? I see in this thread…

people reporting La Brea wasn’t recorded this week. I ran into the same issue and it looks like it was going to happen with Ghosts again tonight.

I went through the rest of my scheduled shows and don’t see any other issues but I’m going to check them all again next Monday to see if anything gets unscheduled between now and then.

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I don’t think the problem is with the Tablo, per se. I think the guide data is getting updated erroneously and removing the “New” flag from these shows.

I don’t disagree, just wanted to see if others are still seeing the issue because initially it seemed isolated to a specific show, now it looks like it is affecting at least 3 shows.

The same problem is reported in this thread: Multiple recordings on CBS. It doesn’t seem like a guide problem as my missed shows were set to record all.

Thanks for the notice on Ghosts as I see the same. Here is what I saw before I fixed it:

Is there a fix other than watching the schedule all the time? How come Tablo support hasn’t said anything yet on this?

I’m having the same problem. Seems it is happening on all networks and doesn’t matter what day or time.