Not recording shows

I did NOT have any issues with recordings for those 3 shows this week, in fact I had no recording issues at all this week and when checking the scheduled recordings for this week and next week earlier this week I didn’t see any issues for next week either.

This happened last night to me with “B-Positive” on channel 11 (CBS) @ 8 pm CT.
I have this program setup to “Record New”, yet for some reason this one episode was not marked to be recorded. Next week’s episode is still marked to record.

This has happened several times to me in the last few months. Appears to be random. The only commonality I’ve observed is that this is happening only to “New” programs.

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Over the years the most common demominator for this problem is that it affects new first season shows and usually cleans up by episode 4-5. And having the word “new” in the description doesn’t mean that the episodes metadata is marked as new.

This didn’t happen for me with AGT… Also couple of other shows didn’t record also, Law and Order OC.