Multiple recordings on CBS

I’m having constant problems with random scheduled shows being skipped and they’re always CBS. For instance last week on Konday night Bob Hearts Abishola was skipped but NCIS was recorded right afterwards.Then on Tuesday all the FBI shows were skipped in a row. Friday, Magnum PI recorded but Bluebloods was skipped right after that. All the shows are set for new episodes only and all can be seen in the scheduled list. I don’t remember seeing this happening before that last update but one Tablo person said it was maybe a guide problem with CBS.

Sounds similar to this issue…

When it happened to me it appears to have just been isolated to one week and I just went and manually toggled those episodes to record that week and it’s been fine since then.

Thanks, since this was all in one week hopefully it’s a one off thing due to a guide problem. I’ll keep an eye on the CBS shows this week and like you said, manually record if I have to.

For what it’a worth… I too have had this happen to some of my scheduled ‘new’ programs.
It randomly occurs, doesn’t happen very often and not always on the same network.
I started seeing this about 1-2 months ago and don’t recall what programs were affected.
I’m still using the 2.36 firmware, so I can’t blame this phenomena on the new firmware.

I have experienced it to randomly since mid August. LaBrea just did it this week. Very random too! This Old House does not even say new anymore either. Not sure if its a Tablo issue or the way the guide provider tags the show though.

If you have your schedules set to REC NEW versus REC ALL, that would be an issue with the guide provider and the local channel not tagging NEW programs as such.

Then its a guide provider issue. i only use rec new.

If it’s a PBS broadcast why couldn’t it be a PBS issue?

This Old House is in season 43. When I look at the tablo guide none of season 43 is marked as new.

If I look at episode 3 the first broadcast is Oct 16. But the description says the first aired is Oct 14th. I don’t have any episode of this old house airing on Oct 14th. And the guide provider gets all of this information from PBS station.

Did it again last night. All episode of Le Brea are scheduled to record. Never attempted to record and now show the next episode 5 and 6 to record. The day before yesterday I checked and it showed Le Brea episode 4 set to record. There is something going on with the Scheduling just skipping over shows. Started in August but I have had Tablo since the beginning. There are no Beta bulids I am running the lastest regular build

Mine did that too. 1 recorded, 2-4 did not. I think there’s something weird with the metadata for La Brea.

The same thing was about to happen to me with La Brea but I saw the issue and toggled the recording to All then back to New.

Same here.

The same thing happened to me with La Brea and there’s no rerun this week :frowning:
I have La Brea set to record all episodes.