New Year, New Tablo DVR (& Commercial Skip!)


I live in the boonies. Fortunately the local electric coop has run fiber to its customers. So gigabit is available. I just went with the 100meg for 50 bucks. We are looking to to the comskip!


Here’s another QUAD video for those who are anxiously awaiting its arrival:


It is probably the best product nobody can buy.


You’re killing me! I’d love me some fiber!


Have you tried Metamucil - 100% natural psyllium fiber


Very funny :joy:


What about the tuner’s RF performance?

I bought an Amazon Recast and it’s tuner RF performance was the worst and I ended up returning it.


I like the fact that Tablo product is so well-received by outside entities, blogs and review sites.


I like the fact it does what it’s supposed to do.


I have two duals (they have the newer tuner). I think the quad will use similar tuners to that. For reference, when Tablo first came out, I tried it and dumped it because the tuners weren’t picking up what I needed. The new ones have a breakup now and then, but overall I get good performance. Before Tablo, I had a Tivo Bolt. I would rate the tuner performance on par with that, maybe even a bit better because I use one antenna for each Tablo Dual (i.e., not splitting the signal 4 ways, only 2).


Will I be able to unplug my usb hard drive from my current dual tuner tablo and plug into a new quad tablo and have it pick up all the recorded shows?




Will you let us know somehow when the commercial skip is available? An email perhaps?


Of course! Any time we have a new feature we post about it here, on social media, send an email, do a blog post, put the link to that blog post on Reddit, write about it in the newsletter… etc.

If you miss all of those then you must be living under a rock :smiley:


What, you don’t insert commercials into streams when people watch something on their Tablo? How are you going to compete with cable TV, if you don’t replace ads from the broadcasters?


I wouldn’t go that far but I wouldn’t mind a little message popping up when a new feature was added.

I don’t live under a rock but I have backed away from social media and I turned off all notifications on for Facebook. My current obsession doesn’t bring me here that often so my Google news feed and email are my primary information sources regarding Tablo right now.

EDIT:. Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you watch a show and you are interrupted by a commercial for the show you are actually watching at that moment? Seems like a waste of money and my time when it’s not at least a teaser for a future episode.


We are getting a bit off-topic, but when I decide to save a show on my Plex server, I strip out the commercials (making this commercial skipping option great). But if there is a commercial I really like, I move it to the end.

Commercials I like:
There was a cute parks commercial with a deer and a girl having a staring contest. It’s at the end of a few shows I save.

I have saved particularly good commercials for up coming movies. I also put Marvel movie commercials at the end of Marvel shows. It helps me remember the timelines in the bigger Marvel universe.

The assorted CometTV break markers amuse me, so I saved them all at the end of various movies I recorded from that channel (one per movie).


That’s to bad, wish companies actually cared about customer loyalty. Even taking $50 off for existing customers probably would sale a lot more units. This just makes me shop around when I’m ready to upgrade.

And your reasoning that older 4 tuners can upgrade firmware doesn’t matter at all when talking about upgrading to gigabyte Ethernet connection and meeting 802.11ac standards. Please don’t blow smoke, we know when a spade is a spade.


What are you talking about? You can add more units to your existing subscription, Tablo has come out and said you’re grandfathered in.


That was yesterdays news. You need to read the update from the CEO!