New Year, New Tablo DVR (& Commercial Skip!)


CES is desperate to remain relevant.

"Here’s the BEST of CES–STILL not as good as what was out for consumers 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago!


As am I, but only have 2 awards, so jelli.




Yes, companies are still spending a fortune on CES, so… still relevant (name the consumer electronics show that is more relevant?).


Mine, if I get 2 more awards. :wink:


Many of the commercial trade fairs are no more.

“. The worlds biggest IT fair CeBIT in Hannover will be discontinued. Trade fair date 2019 has been canceled!”

The costs were too high. Especially compare to the potential sales.


Congratulations on the hat trick.



Can you give a general idea of how long after the recording completes it would be before the commercial skip is available for that recording?


Sure! It should be completed about 10-12 minutes after your recording ends.

There are however several variables that can affect that timeline including your internet upload/download speed, the length of the recording, and whether you have an available tuner for FFWD preview generation (which is the first step and must be completed before the recording goes to commercial skip processing).


If you say the FFWD preview generation has to successfully complete before commercial skip processing starts, might that be problematic for some users.

I have a 2 tuner and if you stack a number of recordings back to back and thus occupy both tuners for multiple hours, maybe 20%-25% of those recordings never have FFWD preview generation. And overnight batch cleranup never generates FFWD


Fall Apple Keynotes :wink:



I will drive to Ottawa to pick one up (in the spring).


Still looking for beta users prior to rollout in March? I have 100/15 pipe that could be another scenario for you to try.


Or pick up a CURRENT unit and get a free year of guide service.

And get the commercial skip product when it’s available.


I want the new unit so I can put one of the 1TB laptop drives(*) I’ve got sitting in a drawer on the internal interface instead of a USB drive.

(*) The last 2 laptops I’ve bought came with 1TB drives that were immediately replaced with SSDs.


It’s called Primetime, they put all the good stuff on at once. I could have actually used a five tuner model. The rest of the day and on weekends my Tablo doesn’t do much except play stuff recorded during primetime. I don’t stream much of anything personally and I don’t think I would have any streaming services if it was just me in the house.


I’ve been hoping that the extra USB port might be opened for an extra tuner or have a Tablo app that presents multiple Tablos as a single device. I’m really considering a second Tablo to compliment my current 4 tuner.


Sure, if you live in a city or major metro area. Try living in a rural community.


Seems to me a future version might allow the user to choose between the commercial free playlist and the full playlist hopefully.