New Year, New Tablo DVR (& Commercial Skip!)

Hi there Tablo fam!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is on this week in Las Vegas and that means we’ve got some cool new Tablo tech to show off!

Get the scoop on the Tablo blog:


Includes an internal slot for a SATA drive! Very nice.


will the commercial skipping be included in a software update for currrent devices or only available on the new units?

It’s for all devices. It’s been in a closed beta for a couple of months, and it appears that a more open beta will be in March.


Thanks Snowcat…

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

This new Tablo has a lot of the hardware features that have been asked for. Gigabit ethernet, AC Wifi, and even the internal hard drive slot.

Question - Does this new Tablo have a better tuner and/or a better processor?

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Just read on Engadget. Can’t wait to try out if true!

No fake news here!


Great news!

Any chance those of us that own the 4 tuner tablo will have the ability to do a trade in upgrade for a reduced price?

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That’s the plan!

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The tuner/demod are the same newer model we’re using in the Tablo DUAL LITE but with 4 tuners vs. 2.

Full specs are here:

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We don’t have a trade-in program but since all older units are eligible for firmware/app updates you shouldn’t have trouble finding a new home for your older 4-Tuner. (Or you can run both of them on your network!)

Any information about if or when Tablo products will be ATSC 3.0 compliant?

We’re just starting to hear about evaluation chipsets that would support this technology. It’s still a few years out and something we’re keeping an eye on.


After several previous posts about how difficult it would be to provide commercial skipping, I was so stoked to see in this morning’s email that it is in beta. This to me is a significant leap forward for Tablo!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have an old Tivo and since they put in commercial skipping, I’ve found that it’s my go-to device for watching shows. It is so convenient. I would not have thought it was that big of a deal until I started using it. No more skip-skip-skip-rewind, etc.

I only hope that this new Tablo feature is as convenient and reliable. I can’t wait.

  1. Where do I sign up to Beta Test commercial skip?
  2. Does the new Tablo Quad have internal cooling?

In late March, we’re starting an open beta for our automatic commercial skip feature. There is no signup.

For updates on the upcoming automatic commercial skip feature, stay tuned here, via Facebook, Twitter, or the Cord Cutting This Week newsletter.

It does not.

We’ve looked at a lot of different technology/methods in the past but none of them worked well enough, or worked in a way that made sense for the way Tablo is designed.

We’re feeling really good about this one and can’t wait for everyone to be able to enjoy it!

When can I order this in Canada?

[edit:] and where can I order an 8TB 2.5 inch hard drive?