New Year, New Tablo DVR (& Commercial Skip!)


Sorry Jim, for some reason it attached my reply to someone else to your comment.

My comment wasn’t regarding guide subscriptions, but on actual tablo units.

Sorry for the confusion


I think we all still don’t get your comment about the actual units / device? Hence multiple replies about the subscription. What’s your issue?


My comment was in regards to tablo saying they don’t do a trade in program, which is fine, but wish they did. Would go a long way to keep customers loyal. And wasn’t a huge fan how they were dismissive of original poster saying that original 4 tuner gets upgrades, so that’s good. When the new 4 tuner clearly has some advantages over old 4 tuner


Not worth an upgrade in my opinion. The only advantage I see is the ability to mount the drive internally and the bump from 802.11ac to 802.11n. They didn’t even bump the Lan up any. That’s still 10Mbps.


I agree there are some advantages of the new QUAD over the OG 4 tuner, but they are marginal. The OG 4 tuner is still getting all the nice new features via firmware updates.

A trade in program would be nice, but they have no incentive to do that. What are they going to do with a 5 year old unit? These aren’t cell phones that have a huge resale market and likely good resale value. I would never buy a 5 year old “refurbished” unit.


Ethernet is Gigabit, scroll down to specs.


You mean the new quad might not have a newer tuner and/or xcode processor versus what’s in the OG 4-tuner.


I misread the comparison. You are correct sir. It may be a decent upgrade for some people. I see up to 6 streams. I believe the older 4 tuner can only do 4. For me it wouldn’t be a worthwhile upgrade still. If I could get 1 or 2 more tuners for prime time that would be nice. I keep hoping there will be an option to use one of my extra USB ports to add a tuner.


The OG Tablo units can stream to 6 devices at the same time too. See below.


Good to know.


Does the new Tablo Quad have internal cooling?

Great question!


Like a running fan? No.

But it does have internal passive cooling or else the CPU would overheat and die.


you can have ours, frontier isn’t doing anything with it, other than gauging customers.